Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Numbers

Pictures I have to sort through.....294
Loved ones we spent time with.....17 1/2
Pounds I probably gained with all the yummy food around.....10
(Times I worked out over the holiday....0)
Consecutive nights of interrupted sleep.....7
Days of blogging I need to catch up on.....6
Items broken at Meema's house (1 by me, 4 by Addie).....5
Days left until I need to start working on my 2009 Blurb book.....3
Thrilled faces on Christmas morning.....2
Confused, but happy, Prestons.....1
Relaxing, Laughing, Playing, and Talking with our most favorite people.....priceless
I hope your Christmas was Merry too :-)!


Diane said...

cute post. we loved every minute of your visit and with the help of super glue, we are down to 4 broken things...a small price to pay to have the cutest babies in the world visit:)

Brittany said...

So I take it the 1/2 is "Wyatt in your tummy" as Addie says! It sounds like we're getting pretty stuck on that name, we'll see how it sounds once we meet him.

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

Reid was notorious for breaking things on our trip to GA. It was horrible. Glass vase, spilling all over my parent's computer, he even managed to strip the varnish off a brand new night stand in the guest room (Note: Glade Oil plug-ins removes furniture stain). William didn't ruin anything - go figure. :o)So, you are in good company.