Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One More for Today

I know, I know, enough posts and videos from me for one day, but I had to post this one of my brother Mack (Mark) and his new wife Cheryl. Cheryl had to make their blog private so I always forget to check it now (when is blogger going to come up with a solution to that?!), but I remembered today and always think it is fun to see my little brother looking so mature and professional :-). (and if you want to be invited to view their blog, let me know and I can email her)


Diane said...

Mack has remarkable composure for someone so young. He and Cheryl make such a nice couple. I always enjoyed reading her blog and would still like to do so if she is ok with it:)

Christina said...

Me me! Put me on her blog!!!!

Kayley said...

cool! I always forget to check the private ones too... blogger really needs to fix that!