Sunday, December 20, 2009

Putting a Smile on My Face

Discovering these GREAT decorating ideas on the back of one of our boxes of candy canes...
Because really, "What's a stocking without a candy cane?"
So true.

And these sweet cards from Ella.
She worked hard all afternoon making one for each member of the family and then left them on our pillows.
They each said "to mom/dad/Preston, etc" "from Ella" and inside read "I love my Preston/mom/Addie, etc." with some little squares she cut and glued with the person's name on them.
When I went to tuck her in bed last night I found she had made herself one as well and left it on her own pillow.
This is what it said inside :-).
Love it, Love her, glad she Loves herself!


Melissa said...

Emily loves to make cards for all of us, too. So cute that Ella loves herself, too!

Christina said...

I hope you love yourself too for having such a cute kid! ahahahahhaa that's hilarious!

Diane said...

those little signs are the most precious thing I ever saw. especially the one to herself (learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all :)

Cheryl Joy said...

Hahaa! I love Ella for loving herself. Children are amazing- cutest thing ever! :)

Heather said...

oh.. those little notes are the cutest - especially the I love myself one!