Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday

I forgot to post this video of Addie from the weekend. Whenever she does something funny that makes us laugh she keeps doing it over and over again. This afternoon she told me, "Santa Claus is coming to town!" I laughed and had her tell Mike and then she kept saying it so I got out the camera. Once a long time ago she sang the "PBS Kids" jingle (my favorite station for them) and got a good reaction from us so I guess she just was throwing it all out there this time :-).

Wednesday morning we found Herbie (our little elf who watches us for Santa and moves around each night) and got Ella off to school. She has been on the gold star all this time (go Ella!) and so she was invited to lunch bunch with her teachers and was SO excited!
The queen of the cats played in her room until Hannah arrived (wearing her cat dress, which was purrfect).
Tuesday night was a long one. Preston woke up pretty much every hour. His nose was stuffy so he couldn't breathe well and he had a little fever (not to mention 2 teeth that can't seem to break through his gums). Wednesday he just wanted me to hold him, which made it difficult to get anything done. I finally figured out how to use my sling for an "older baby"...I was so proud! He loved it and I had 2 hands again!
If I put him down to try and do important things like blog, this is what I saw :-).
"Hi mom. Remember me? You are supposed to hold me ALL day remember? Well, here I am! Pick me up!"
Sleeping was rough all day and all the next night, but he seems to be doing better today and slept better last night. Maybe someday I'll get to start my working out routine (we made it Monday, had a meeting Tuesday and then a sick baby and a tired mom the rest of the week).
Yesterday morning was freezing...Addie hated it and quickly decided she would rather be inside. We were all meant for Texas :-)!


Brittany said...

AWWWw I'm so excited to see those little munchkins! I hope Addie gives us a live version of her singing ;)

Sarah S said...

We've had a few days of Charlie clinging to my legs, begging for me to hold him all day long! I have our beco carrier out in the trunk of the car, but it's so cold that I haven't had the energy to run out to the garage (since it's detached and not so close to the house) and get it! How silly is that. Yesterday morning it was below zero when Charlie woke up. I'm not a fan of our Chicago subzero weather... (especially since this is just the beginning!) at least your weather will warm up :)

Laurie said...

Ha Ha, I love the picture where Addie is freezing and hating it.

Diane said...

its so unusual to see Preston looking sad, the photo of him in his crib tugs at my heart

Christina said...

Aren't those sling things amazing! I always buy one as a gift to new moms. I gave one to enrico's sister last year too! They do give you two hands back!

I love all your pictures!