Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I Love My Mom

Yesterday afternoon I called my mom.
I call her often, but yesterday I called because I was hoping she would drop everything else going on in her busy and often stressful life to come and hold my fussy little baby so I could possibly finish up the cooking and ironing I had started.
The day had started out well. Preston slept well that night and seemed to feeling better. We went to Ella's school where it was my turn to watch kids while other moms read in the classrooms.
Then we hung out at home trying to stay warm and get Preston to sleep as much as possible. After 2 brief naps
he woke up MAD and never fully recovered.
Addie was busy doing dishes and I was busy trying to keep Preston happy and finish the enchiladas I had foolishly started on such a day. I tried to pretend like we were having fun (and truthfully we did have some fun).
But I couldn't get anything done.
I called my mom and innocently asked what she was doing.
She was sewing and trying to get a million things done herself. She does after all have 2 children at home that she has to keep up with (getting them to seminary, school, practices, performances), a business to run, a demanding church calling, a bridal shower at her house today, etc., etc.
We talked a little, I told her not to worry about it and hung up.
I almost cried. I was feeling defeated and tired.
Moments later Preston spit up all over...and played in it and crawled through it and ate it.
I turned up the Christmas music because it seems to make any situation seem like it's fun :-). At least it was giving me some blogging material, right?...I mean, look at the positive power of a blog!
And then she called me!
My mom called and said she was on her way over and that she had a surprise for me.
Because she's my mom and she knew I needed her even though I tried to pretend like I didn't.
And guess what the surprise was (as if her arrival wasn't a gift enough)?!
The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook!
My mom and I have never discussed the Pioneer Woman together. She asked me if I had heard of her when she presented the book to me.
Have I heard of her?! I love her! I had just emailed Brittany that this cookbook was something I would love for Christmas and now I own it!
This is why I love my mom.
I don't love her because she bought me the book (although it was pretty nice :-). I love her because she knows me well enough to know that I would love this book without me ever saying a word to her about it.
Thanks mom, you're the best :-)!


Diane said...

your mom IS the best.

and i love how you turn up the music and try to make it a fun time. that truly is a key to happiness...we make our life good, and your lucky little fam has a great life. mommy sets the tone in the house and i am currently feeling a little guilty for getting upset with Chloe for asking when we are going to do the gingerbread houses when we are right in the middle of another major Christmas project. i need to chill.

Annemarie said...

I 150% agree. Your mom is AMAZING! Your girls will be saying the same thing about you some day!

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

I have to say, you are something amazing, Marci. Even when you are having a rough day - you still manage to have it together enough to take pictures of all the catastrophes! I'd barely have it together enough to breathe properly!

KelleyAnne said...

Aaaahh. Thanks for being so sweet. Now I need to follow your example and get back into blogging!

Sarah S said...

You have SUCH a wonderful mom!! You are lucky to live so close that she can drop everything and run over so fast. And I love that she bought the Pioneer Woman cookbook too - that's so perfect (and you'll have to post how the recipes are, whether you like them...).

Those afternoons when your little guy is fussy, not happy if you put him down, basically doesn't let you do anything but hold him - those are so, so hard. I hope it gets better! (though Charlie is still hard for me most days around 4 p.m... I count down the minutes sometimes until 6:15 when Ben walks in from work!)

Melissa said...

Your mom is's so nice to have family close by for those rough days! I love The Pioneer Woman, too :) I bought that cookbook (along with the cookbook that from the Year of Crockpotting blog) for myself!

kelley said...

Someone must have raised that Mom right!!!! Don't forget you have another set of helping hands close by....

Cheryl Joy said...

Aww. I wish Katy were closer to St. Augustine. ;)

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

You are so lucky. I am so envious of mother/daughter relationships like yours. I've never had my mom close and even if she was, her full time job would keep her from helping (even if she wanted to). Don't get me wrong, I love my mom and I know she loves me, but after raising 8 kids, I think she's done droping everything for us ya know? It's been a bit hard as an adult daughter who still needs her mom. (Especailly now). Tresure the relationship you have with your beautiful mom always! I hope to have that with my girls when they're older. :)