Sunday, January 3, 2010

Attention Private Bloggers!!!

So, it's no secret private blogs drive me CRAZY!
But really the only reason is because I can't get updates of when they have new posts. As a result, I either waste my time checking up on blogs that have not been updated, or I miss out on a good post because I have forgotten to check it.

Problem solved!
My newest sister, Cheryl, recently made her blog private and I have been getting emails when she posts!
Apparently blogger has an option, I'm assuming in your settings somewhere, where you can enter 10 email addresses to be notified when you post.

So, if you have a private blog, please add me to your list...consider it a thank you for passing along this amazing technological information :-).
And, if you already knew about this and I just happen to not be one of your select 10, well FINE then!

**also, I am hoping to catch up on my 2009 posts tomorrow. Preston has been VERY sick (but is finally showing signs of his smiley self again) and now Addie is starting up**


Katie B said...

seriously, why isn't there a better way to be updated on private blogs? Blogger needs to pick up the slack! At least this newfound solution is better than nothing...

Lindsey said...

You got it!:)