Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ella's Echo

I often ask Addie, "Addie, are you Ella's Echo?" and she'll say "No! Preston is an echo!"
but the truth is dear Addie is an echo to Ella whenever they are together.
This means I answer the same questions twice, I explain the same things twice and laugh at the same "jokes" twice. For the most part Ella is a good sport about it and only occasionally will ask me in an annoyed voice,"Why does she have to say the same thing as me?!" (she doesn't buy my, "Because she thinks you are so cool and wants to be like you" answer)
Monday Addie saw the picture of Ella working on her puzzle and immediately ran into the play room to work on the exact same one :-).
She has since been on a little puzzle spree again.
Monday evening Mike was working so I took the kids over to our neighborhood park. I knew it would be getting dark soon so we drove over even though it is not too far around the corner.
I buckled Preston into Addie's carseat and he thought it was THE greatest thing ever. It was ADORABLE to hear his squeals of delight. He absolutely loved it and I really wish we could just let him sit like that all the time (he is SO over his infant seat)...too bad we have 4 more months (at least) to go.
Patience Preston, patience.
And, just so you know, blogs can be tricky little things.
I could be a completely different person than I portray (although I try to be very honest and keep things as real as possible ...this is our family record after all) and most of you wouldn't know.
These pictures make our trip to the park look like one joyous afternoon filled with nothing but fun and love. What I opted not to take pictures of were the breakdowns that ensued about 15 minutes after we arrived and the crying children in the backseat on the way home :-).
It's just hard to be little sometimes...and good to only have photo evidence of the happy times too.
(Ella is slighlty obsessed with her Valentine headband and anytime she remembers it goes to put it on)


Brittany said...

That is really sweet about Addie being Ella's echo. Sounds like Ella is a good sport about it. I love Prestont's expression in the car seat!

And it's good to hear your life and children aren't perfect all of the time. I was starting to wonder ;) Just kidding.

Kayley said...

That's so cute that he was so happy to be in the "big baby" car seat! I guess it's good he's so easy to please.

Diane said...

I wish Preston could be in the big car seat right now...he would be so much happier. It will be a long 4 months for him :(. Ella isn't buying your answer, but it is really the truth, little sisters idolize those big sisters who seem to be able to do everything better...and Ella is a hard act to follow :)