Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling Festive

After taking down all our Christmas decorations Ella wondered where our Valentine's decorations were. We didn't have any (I think we do have a couple things somewhere but I haven't found them yet), so Sunday after church we got creative (yes, I got creative :-) and made some. Ella loves cutting, Addie loves trying to cut and they both love taping and gluing.
I love how they turned out...I'm so proud of us :-)!
I love Addie inspecting her little paper sliver in this one.
Later that evening we went to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday.
Hope decorated, we ate yummy dinner and dessert and had fun hanging out.

My silly grandparents gave him this card that had me dying laughing and my grandfather thought he was pretty hysterical that he copied what my grandma had written in the card exactly. No wonder we are all weirdos, these are the genes we have had passed on to us :-).
And a few randoms...
My mom came to watch Addie and Preston for me yesterday so I could go help at Ella's class (our trading buddy was sick) and Addie had a blast playing cats with her. As soon as I told her Nana was coming she said, "I want Nana to play cats with me!" She was very proud of how "pretty" her cats looked :-).


Michaelson Family said...

Love your valentine's decorations. I have been getting out construction paper with Kai lately and letting him make valentines for Ben to take to work. (Ours are not nearly as cute as yours though). Bring some of that creativity our way.

Diane said...

those decorations are soooo cute! good job. the kitties look adorable in their outfits, good job Nana.

Cheryl Joy said...

The decorations are adorable! Good job guys!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Agreed, those heart strands are adorable.

Amy said...

Can you come decorate our house for Valentine's? The decorations are very cute! Can you get together on Tuesday or Thursday of next week? let me know.

Christina said...

I love the cats! How fun just to hang out in your pj's!!!!

Again happy b-day to your dad!

Melissa said...

I love all of the Valentine's decorations (we'll have to "borrow" that idea) and the cats are too cute!

Sarah S said...

Great decorations!! I keep meaning to bust out some crafty stuff to decorate since Eli's at an age where he would get such a kick out of it, but it hasn't happened yet. You're inspiring me, Marci! They look so cute.

Heather said...

The hearts turned out super cute and your dad looks exactly the same as I remember him!

KelleyAnne said...

Martha...I mean, Marci, those hearts are soooo cute! I love playing playing "cats" with Addie Girl!

Laurie said...

Love the hearts, and the cats!