Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Helpers

We finally took down our outdoor Christmas lights this week since the weather finally decided to get with the program. And Mike (with help from Addie AND Preston) raked and swept up some of the acorns in our front yard. If anyone needs acorns for anything at all, please come and help yourself...we have millions.
Preston's 3rd outfit of the day. I know it's time to move up to the next size diapers when he starts leaking through every nap time.
Ella and Preston reunited after school :-).
And the 3 pictures I took yesterday :-).


Michaelson Family said...

I think Preston looks just like Ella. Your kids are so cute!!!

Christina said...

yep! I've found that out too! once they leak it's time for a different size... babysitting my nephew is giving me great insight!

Cheryl Joy said...

Look at Preston's balancing act!
And Ella's cute scrunchy face.
And Addie with Mike.

I love seeing men hang out with their kids. I think it the most adorable thing ever.

Diane said...

If you are serious about the acorns, I will take them (if they are like the big ones Chrissy used). I have been wanting to make an acorn wreath and the squirrels took all of our big ones and left a few tiny ones.