Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hate Being Cold

Plain and Simple.
I have spent nearly half my life living in cold places with snow and below zero temps and I never liked it. I hate bundling up, I hate driving on scary slick roads and I hate not being able to enjoy the outdoors (I know there is skiing and snow boarding, but I hate bundling up, remember?).
If I had to choose to be hot or cold, I would pick being hot any day, any time, any where!
Which is why Houston and I get along so well.
People think it is unbearably hot and humid here, but 4 months of heat where I am forced to hang out at the pool to keep cool sounds like a much better deal than 6 months of dreadful winter.
This year however Houston has played a mean trick on me and it has been cold here...for a looong time!
Seriously cold...especially for me :-).
Our low last night was 19 degrees and the high today is 35 degrees, with a feels like of 25 degrees!
Last year in January we were playing outside in short sleeved shirts and loving it and I am missing it! I know everyone else is cold too (well, for the most part much colder), but like I said this is Houston.
So, we're staying inside today...ALL day...and trying to keep warm.
Enough complaining, here are the rest of the pictures from the week.
Wednesday morning, the first day back to school, both Ella and Addie were out cold still at 7:30am. Why didn't they do this on a morning during the break when we could have all slept in :-)?! I had to wake her up and here she is, still a little sleepy looking, ready to head back.
Addie asked me all day "Where's Daddy?" "Where's Ella?" and was really excited to pick her up from the bus stop. Ella was really excited to tell me that she was back on the gold star at school. Go Ella :-)!
(that is her re-enactment of an excited face)
Ella brought home her class picture and before she even handed it to me said,
"Sorry, I forgot to smile."
Ella is still really into her make-up from Mack and Cheryl. When people ask her what she got for Christmas she usually just tells them, "Make-up!"
Before we were heading to the gym the other afternoon she told me, "Maybe I should put some more lipstick on." (don't worry she's not wearing it to school...and won't for a looong time!)

Addie girl is always silly and very imaginative.
Watching herself eat her lollipop from Santa...
(that is a puzzle piece the cat is riding on)
She also has found a new favorite nap spot. The past few days she has fallen asleep sitting on my lap while I am on the computer. She's definitely making up for not being a cuddly baby :-).
Other silly Addie-isms heard recently...
*"Maybe our little snowman will grow." (we still have the head in the freezer)
*I don't buy a lot of blocks of cheese, mostly shredded and string cheese. At Meema's they always have a big block of Tillamook in the fridge though. While we were there for Christmas Addie told us, "I want some cheese butter!"
*My mom gave the girls each a little bag of pretzels when we stopped by the other day and Addie was eating one and held up a piece of it and said, "Look, a candy cane." Then she turned it upside down and said, "Now it's an elf shoe!"
*We stopped by the library on Tuesday and Miss Venitha was so excited to see us. Addie however, was on one and was giving her silly answers for anything she asked (which Venitha thought were serious). For example, I told her Addie got a stuffed cat for Christmas and Venitha asked her what she named it so Addie told her, "I named my cat Tinkerbell!" and then told her later "You are a school bus!" Good one Addie :-).
We don't know about this kid :-).
She has been very nice though and always talks about how she is going to be a nice girl at the gym. She loves to give Preston toys to play with and only occasionally takes away the ones he already has :-). Addie doesn't want to be big. If you mention that she is a big girl for doing something she will quickly remind you, "No, Addie's little!" (Have I mentioned she talks about herself in the 3rd person all the time?) Yesterday she did something and Mike told her, "I love my big Addie!" to which she responded, "Mommy loves little Addie!" I assured her that although I do love little Addie, I'll love big Addie too :-).


Katie B said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've been viciously lied to when people tell me how great the winters are here. It's just plain cold.

Kayley said...

I second you on hating cold. I was soooo excited for a winter NOT living in UT and now it's freezing here! Still nothing compared to all the snow and everything in UT though :) I'm glad Addie is talking about being a nice girl at the gym- haha that's cute!

Diane said...

I'm with ya on the cold issue. and how precious to have Addie fall asleep on you:)

Sarah S said...

I was laughing out loud reading the Addie-isms. They are sooooo funny. Especially how nice she's going to be at the gym. And that she talks in third person. And the school bus comment. Okay, the cheese butter too. It all made me smile (and I think Eli is wondering why in the world I am sitting at the computer laughing).

And I have zero sympathy for you and your cold weather. Sorry :) I agree, the wind chill of 25 degrees is cold. But when it's cold in Houston, imagine how much colder it is in Chicago. We actually got out of the house today and went to Target. Whoo hoo. It's supposed to be zero tonight with subzero wind chills. And I had to shovel 8 inches of snow this morning. Yuck!

(don't take my comment as rude - I'm just not feeling that sympathetic :)

KelleyAnne said...

Sarah should move to Houston...that's my vote but not Katie's I'm sure. I soooo do not like being cold! Love that Addie is making up for lost cuddle time,it's never too late♥

Cheryl Joy said...

I love how she was being creative with her pretzels. :)

kelley said...

Boy, are we spoiled...I'm miserable..toooooo cold. The only nice thing about 19 degrees..I can wear my down coat. The first time since moving to Houston. Go Addie....

The Nixon Family said...

yeah, don't feel bad for you about being cold. :) our HIGH yesteday was 14. imagine our low at night and then factor in the wind chill. don't move to dallas! i want to come back to warm houston!