Friday, January 29, 2010

Not My Brightest Idea

Since our pediatrician likes to see her baby patients 2 weeks before their month mark, I thought it would be perfect to get both Addie and Preston's well checks at the same time.
So Thursday morning off we went...looking cute.

Miss Adeline at 3 years old.
Height: 36 3/4" (50th % percentile)
Weight: 31 lbs (30th)
BMI: 16.1 (60th)

Mr. Preston at 8 1/2 months old.
Height: 28" (50th percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs. 6 oz. (15th)
Head Cir: 45 cm (50th)
(Addie tried to help me get him to smile by "tickling" him...he didn't think it was funny)
We arrived, checked in, and had fun in the waiting room.
Addie got weighed and measured.
(actual weigh-in)
Preston got weighed and measured.
Preston started to get a little irritated by it all and when the doctor came in and checked his heart beat he had had enough.
He got mad and cried, which made Addie cry and I couldn't hold them both, so an extra nurse came and held whoever wasn't being
checked at any given moment.
It was pretty hilarious. The funniest thing about this traumatic trip for the kiddos, is they weren't even getting shots, so it should have been a fun visit! They did of course have periods of calmness in the midst of the appointment, but it was the times when they were both upset that all the adults in the room just smiled at each other :-). I told the doctor not to worry, I had learned my lesson and wouldn't be trying this again anytime soon.
She couldn't believe how strong Preston's legs were when he was resisting her little hip movement testing and Addie did her best to try and trick her into thinking she didn't know anything. Some excerpts of our conversation...
Dr: "How old are you?"
Addie: "Ahhh!"
Dr. (feeling Addie's tummy): "What's in your tummy? What did you have for breakfast?"
Addie: "Food!!!"
Dr: "Can you put your thumb up like this? Where is your thumbkin?"
Addie: Holds up her hand like she's going to give a "five"
Dr (to me): "Does she form 5-8 word sentances?"
Me: "Yes."
Addie: "Ahhh!"
The highlight of the trip was getting a cat sticker at the end.
Preston's parting gift wasn't quite as exciting...he got his first flu shot. I just had him get the regular one and it wiped him out (well that in combination with the crying in the office I'm sure). He fell asleep on the way home around 10:15am and I put him down in his crib when we got home. He slept and slept and slept. I kept checking to make sure he was ok and eventually woke him up at 2:30pm because I thought he must be starving. He ate a little, played a little and around 5pm I left with the girls to go to Hope's band concert. I called Mike on the way to tell him he should try and feed Preston some more since he hadn't eaten much all day and was told he had fallen asleep on the floor. He was just crawling around our bedroom and layed down and went to sleep! So Mike put him in bed and he slept and slept some more and some more. I got him out of bed at 10pm, fed him another bottle and put him back to sleep and then had to wake him up at 8am to go to Ella's school...CRAZY! (he was back on a normal schedule again today) He never was feverish or sick or anything, just tired.

And it was pajama at Ella's school. She had been looking forward to this day for weeks and nearly missed it from being sick. She was a little out of it in the morning still, but assured me she was fine. She got to bring slippers, a stuffed animal and a book as well...and she insisted on her gingerbread jammies because she thought her teacher would love them :-).


Diane said...

love Addie's conversation with the doctor. how fun for Ella to attend school in her jammies:)

Cheryl Joy said...

When I was nannying a little boy, his mother and I BOTH would take him to the doctor.. and it was still difficult. I can't imagine taking two kids by myself.

You're my hero.

The Chrissy Herself said...

Love the Dr. convo too :-)

Karen said...

Oh no, I had that same brilliant idea. Our appt. with my 2 kiddoes (that are the same age as yours) is in a couple of weeks.

John said...

Livy and Addie weigh the same..should I be worried? Hope you're feeling better. We're all sick over here too-my back went out, weird, and livy has puked five times just from coughing so much. sucky day.