Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Celebration Down

We made a whirlwind trip to San Antonio over the weekend. Preston is getting more difficult to travel with (he HATES being strapped in his carseat), but we still brought him and he was there with us although he is not in any pictures. Addie was really excited to find that she had a special birthday cake and present waiting for her. She really understands that it is all about her this year and it was cute to see her bursting with happiness :-). We also got to sample the latest Freeman family food recreation, the DiCico's Calazone. I was glad we were able to celebrate with Mike's family...still to come, many more Addie celebrations :-).
(of course Addie misplaced her cute hair clip that Chrissy made right before all the fun and photos began)

The new Candyland game was a HUGE hit! We even used it in our preschool lesson about colors and shapes today :-)!


Cheryl Joy said...

Yayyy, Addie!

It's great that she is enjoying it being "all about her." I love getting to see her grow up. :)

Diane said...

We looooved having you guys! and who knew that game would be such a hit. good times!

Heather said...

Your little Addie is the cutest!
Happy Birthday to a sweet girl!

Sara Jean said...

Happy Birthday Addie! You are such a big girl now! Three is such a fun year. Some of my first memories are from when I was three.