Thursday, January 7, 2010


you wish you could just be there for someone and give them a big hug and cry with them and try to make things better.
Even if you've never met them.
Janna posted a link to Natalie's blog tonight.

Her little baby boy Gavin died today.
As I began reading back through the blog posts that led up to today's heart wrenching news, I assumed he had a medical condition from birth.
Then I came to the first post.
Gavin was healthy and happy and fine, and at 8 weeks old developed what they thought was severe RSV that ended up being Pertussis (which Natalie mentions babies receive their first vaccination for at 8 weeks...He was so close). Somehow that made it all so much more upsetting to me.
My heart hurts for her and her family.
Please pray for them.
(on a happier note, this post and this post of hers made me laugh out loud)


Melissa said...

So sad...I can't even imagine!

kelley said...

My heart goes out to the family. I wish I could hug her also. It is really tough to lose a child. Thank 'heaven' for our eternal knowledge.

Christina said...

my goodness. I am speechless. I just went and read some of the blog. My heart is out to them. I'm glad that they have faith, I'm sure it helps.

Katie B said...

My heart just aches for them. What a small world, I've read photography articles by her in the Digital Photography School but had no idea she was going through something so terrible. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Kayley said...

oh my gosh- that is SO sad. And that picture is beautiful.

KelleyAnne said...

My heart aches for that sweet little family. I will pray for them. She is such a beautiful exmaple. I can't even imagine what she's going through.