Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where's Preston?

I ask myself (or the girls) this many times a day
...especially now that he is 100% back to his happy little busy self :-).

The tree in the family room is his most recent favorite. He crawls as fast as he can to it, stands up and then turns to smile at me and see if I will come stop him before he starts eating the moss.
He still needs to work on hiding the evidence from his destructiveness.
"Man, did you see what happened to that tree?! I wasn't anywhere near there! It was crazy...just tipped right over."
Don't leave your computer out around this little guy! It is amazing the speed with which he can cause crazy windows to pop up when he starts pushing those buttons (he rests his palms and rakes his little fingers on the keys as fast as he can...with the occasional hit thrown in :-).
I hung the dish towel there for him to pull down, right?!
He likes to play under the exersaucer more than in it these days.
"Hi, mom! Here I am!"
He finally held his own bottle this morning (he has refused previously) only because he really wanted to eat it and he really wanted a clean diaper too.
His favorite toys right now are his new turtle from Grammy and Greatfrog (it is the first toy he pulls out of his basket every time) and the Leapfrog table that Meema and Papa gave to Addie when she was little...Addie still likes it too :-).
One this is sure though, Preston is never in one spot for long!
There is always something else to try to steal Ella's cereal or chew on Addie's cats.
So far it has been very true in our home that boys are busier than girls :-).
We may actually invest in some child safety equipment for the first time ever...
Preston is our first child to try and put his finger in an electrical outlet.

Other feats he has already accomplished at 7 1/2 months...
almost falling out of his highchair
(that happened today while I was making Addie lunch and turned to find him leaning more than half his body over the side of it),
climbing onto the coffee table
(he made it half way by using a little stool to get his tummy on it but then couldn't find the stool again and his little feet were dangling off the edge, if I hadn't been worried he would fall I would have run for the camera),
and making himself a decoration at Nana's
(we stopped by on Monday and he knocked her decorations off a low shelf and climbed up to put himself in their place).

Despite his busyness, I am so relieved our happy little guy is back! It was a long cold that wiped him out, almost enough to be cuddly :-).
We are finally on a good schedule and although that means more time at home, for us for now (he wants 3 naps a day, the first one at 8:30am, then 12/12:30 and 3/3:30), it really has us back on track!
(and he's improving on eating his solids...slowly, but surely)


Cheryl Joy said...

IKEA has tons of inexpensive child safety stuff, including these little rubber hand stick ons that go on the corners of furniture to keep little guys from banging their heads.

Amy said...

Jared is the same way! He gets into everything...makes a mess and moves on to the next thing. Much busier than Lauren ever was.

Kayley said...

I'm glad he's feeling better now! Mom has pictures of Hope eating the moss out of an artificial tree when she was a baby- moss eating must run in the family :)

Christina said...

Seriously what is up with moss!!! My nephew does the same thing!!!

I love your updates Mars!

Brittany said...

I'm glad Preston is back to his old advenuous self, though it does mae makes me worry that our first will be a curious boy.

It's funny how big Addie looks next to him at that little table where he's standing.

Sarah S said...

Boys are so fun, even if they are busy and full of trouble sometimes! Those pictures of Preston getting into the tree are hilarious. That is one of the main reasons you will see zero plants at my house. Charlie would be in those in no time.

He is so cute! I'm impressed with his sleeping schedule w/ three naps, that sounds very nice! I realize it's hard to get things done out of the house, but sometimes I like being forced to be home for naps so I can get things cleaned and organized.

KelleyAnne said...

I love reading about my cute grandkids:) It reminds me of the benefits of being "Nana" too:) :)