Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Fancy Dinner (and other randoms)

I've just got to get caught up on the blog, so this random combination of Saturday and Sunday pictures are the result. I've dropped Ella off at school and I'm letting Preston and Addie play and watch Sesame Street while I get up to date so we can start the week with a bang!
Saturday both girls had birthday parties to go to, unfortunately they weren't at the same time (which would have made less driving for me :-), but it was fun that they each had their own special event for the day. For Addie's party she was told to dress in costume and no surprise here, she wanted to be a princess cat, "with a nose and whiskers".
(I actually found the perfect Halloween costume for her here, but haven't ordered anything as of yet)
I continue to try and get Preston to eat more, but with little progress. One thing is for sure, he loves to play with his food...and he does seem to be eating a little bit more.
Preston has yet another weird rash. I noticed some red bumps on Friday, but he also had bug bites from playing outside, so I didn't think anything of it. Then on Saturday one of them became a weird blister. It took all my self control to leave it alone, but I did, and after his nap it was broken. I've been putting neosporin on them as they heal and no new ones today, so hopefully we're on the road to recovery. In the mean time I've been bathing him separately from the girls because I remember hearing about a weird rash that sounded similar to this that is spread through water. I'll be glad when I can stick all 3 in the tub is much easier and takes much less time :-)!
Sunday Mike had to give another talk in church (he just gave one a couple months ago), so they better be counting this one as my talk for the next year! Gymboree had these SUPER cute little animal backpacks and lunchboxes recently and I had to get Addie the cat ones! After a couple rough weeks at church with Preston I decided he was definitely in need of his own little bag of activities and snacks too and went and got him the lion backpack. He thinks he's pretty big with his backpack on! And we had our best sacrament meeting ever yesterday, so it definitely seems to have helped. This means no more bag for Ella (she's getting so big!) and the girls are going to use their other little backpacks as their dance bags this year.
(getting a picture of these 2 both facing the other way and in somewhat the same general area was very tricky)
And lastly our "Back to School Fancy Dinner".
I'm all for giving credit where it is due, and this is one of the cute things I remember seeing on NieNie's blog when I first found out about her after her accident. I don't remember everything about hers, but I do remember hers was much cuter! Ours was just thrown together a bit, but the girls definitely had fun making the decorations and I'm excited to have a new tradition for our family. Ella picked spaghetti for the dinner (we made the Basic Marinara Sauce Michele posted that I love) and then we made a special dessert, Strawberry Layer Cake. Ella also picked our centerpiece, a fairy garden she made at her friend Megan's birthday party on Thursday, so we kind of went with the garden theme :-). At dinner we each talked about our goals for the school year and I'm going to post them in our pantry to help us remember them. We ended the night with baths and a father's blessing for Ella Bella.
Ella's goals:
To make a new friend.
Get better at spelling.
Addie's goal:
Be nice to my friends.
(directions for pom-poms here)


Brittany said...

Such cute backpacks! I love the time out against the fence looking picture to display the bags.

I remember reading about that fancy dinner, I love that idea too. Good idea posting the goals up!

Diane said...

Marci Marci Marci, you never cease to amaze me. Your back to school dinner was wonderful! complete with candles, tissue pom poms and little butterflies. I remember Nienie's idea, which I love, but hers was not cuter than yours. Good job momma!

Christina said...

Hey Mars! Preston could have "sixth disease" very common here in Italy.

Typically the disease affects children between 6 months and 2 years of age. It's nothing serious if it is sixth disease....

Here's the wiki link:

Kayley said...

Love the back-to-school dinner- I'll have to steal that tradition when we have kids ;-)

Heather said...

Sooo sad that Summer is coming to an end - I could live like this forever!
I too am planning the back to school dinner and father's blessings - that Strawberry Layer cake sounds yummy!

Laurie said...

I saw the back packs at church and thought they were so cute!

Cute dinner idea, I bet the kids just love that!

Stephanie said...

I saw those backbacks, so perfect for your kiddos! I remember that same fancy dinner and thinkin I would remember to do it someday. We start school in about a month, I may be trying it out myself. Do remember hers was like they used the china fancy, yours looks perfect!

the Holyoaks said...

What a great idea! We'll have to start a tradition like that. I'll bet Audrey would LOVE it.