Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doctor Day

Wednesday morning Ella and Preston both had check-ups with their doctor. They are both doing fine (I added Ella's stats to her birthday post), although the doctor was a little concerned about Preston's small weight gain. Here are his stats:
Preston at 15 months...
Height: 31 inches (50th%)
Weight: 21lbs 1oz (5th%)
At 12 months he was 29 1/2 inches (25-50%) and 20lbs 4oz (10-25%), so I think she's just concerned that his percentage for weight went down so much and wants to do the screen for Celiac since I have it. I have mixed feelings about it (especially since we'll have to pay for it out of pocket). Part of me thinks it's nothing. In the last 3 months he went from cruising along furniture to running around ALL DAY LONG and he still doesn't love to eat. I've been trying to give him more fattening foods, but aside from crackers, he always wants things like berries, which don't help him put weight on. So given the lack of wanting to eat and the number of calories I'm sure he burns each day with his adventures, it's not surprising that he hasn't gained much fact I'm amazed he gained any really. Also, the celiac screen isn't 100% accurate (remember it told me I did NOT have it), so I wonder how much it's worth it (especially when my GI said the test is even less accurate on small children who aren't creating their own anitbodies yet). On the other hand, Preston has been pooping frequently and they aren't hard poops (too much info :-)?), so the day before the appointment I had actually said to Mike that I was going to start cutting gluten from his diet to see if that helps his poops. But then there is the factor that it could just be some viral thing...Addie's friend just had runny poops for 2 weeks and is now fine again. So we'll see what happens.
Overall Preston is still a happy guy although he has definitely been more grumpy the past week. He always wants to be outside and he always wants to be free. He likes to be able to run where he wants when he wants and doesn't want to have to listen to people telling him where he can go or what he can do. He is a little dancing machine and has quite the groove down. At his last infant story time (he'll start toddler time next week!) this week he had the moms laughing as he showed off his moves while we recited nursery rhymes. He is quite the little jokester and does all he can to make you laugh. He loves to climb (while I was doing the girls hair yesterday he climbed onto the toilet and then onto the counter in their bathroom...scary), to wrestle around and play tag. Preston's most favorite things in the world are his cars and his blankie. He has to have a car wherever he goes and he gets so excited when he hears a loud truck go by. He is going to sleep like a pro without his pacifier although he is up at 7am no fail and wants out immediately (before he would happily suck on it and lay in bed until I got him out at 8am). Preston is getting so much better at communicating which is one of my favorite stages for little kiddos. I love that I can say "Where is your cup Preston? Go get it." and he knows what I am saying and does's amazing the first time it happens! He still just has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom, and I hope he gets more soon (or even better that his recent grumpiness is from some coming in!).
Preston has now added to his vocabulary
(not all clearly, mind you, but enough that I can tell)...
tickle tickle
all done
no, no, no
thank you
what's that
and he will FINALLY sign "please" when we ask him now (most of the time)
I just can't believe he is getting so big, so fast :-(!
(and here are some more Ella poses from that morning)


Melanie said...

I love these pictures of Ella:) They remind me of Taylor in front of a camera! Preston IS getting so big. Time flies way too fast.

KelleyAnne said...

Normally it would be great if a kid preferred berries over cookies. Preston really is a busy little guy too! He is so cute and I understand everyone of those words. ... so smart
(says Nana)They are all getting too big too fast!!!

The Chrissy Herself said...

You've been workin' on that 'please' thing with him for a while now... glad it finally paid off!

apewinterton said...

Preston is a REAL boy! What a cutie. Your kids are very photogenic - good thing with a mommy who likes to take pictures. :)

Sarah S said...

Preston is so cute!! I love his list of words too. We have the same problem w/ the weight (Charlie was still 21 pounds at 18 months) so now we have to go back at 21 months for a weight check. He is a horrible eater and I feel like I'm constantly trying to sneak in more fattening foods, but it's tough. He really just doesn't seem to need to consume very much despite that he is constantly on the move. You'll have to post if you come up with any great things to add to his diet to help w/ the weight. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be celiac-related (I read your more recent post).