Sunday, September 26, 2010

About Due

Every so often it's just one of those days when no matter what is happening, the kids seem to clash. Friday was a rough day for Addie...we'll blame it on being sick the day before. Preston was driving her crazy that day; sometimes for good reason, and sometimes for no reason at all. That afternoon when I finally took down the back-to-school dinner decorations (to make room for Halloween), she was upset again...
"Moooom, Preston is taking my big tissue balls!"
(seeing her reaction made this "game" all the more fun for Preston, of course, who followed her around and grabbed a ball as soon as she dropped it)
my favorite (notice her "cat" tail)


Katie said...

What determination on Preston's face!!! My favorite picture is of Addie screaming holding the tissue balls!

Sara Jean said...

That last pic of Addie reminds me of "Where the Wild things are"! She a girly princess version of the little boy Max.

Sarah S said...

this post was hilarious!! I'm sorry for all the comments tonight, I'm catching up :) addie's face is hilarious in some of these! gotta love the determined expressions when siblings are going at it.