Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The girls taught Preston to say "cheers" when they all would hit their popscicles together in the bathtub last night.
(yes, that's a bottle...the sippy cup thing works in the car, but if he has anything else to do, he won't drink milk from it...and since I can hardly get him to eat anything else I'm more concerned with him getting the milk than the means by which he gets it)
Addie is really into seeing the pictures I take on the camera when I'm done and asked me to take one of her little doll clip from great-aunt Jenny.
And I just have to record this funny thing Addie says. When she is talking about anything having a baby she says they pooped them out. We have no idea where this came from or how it started. I've never even attempted to explain to her how babies are born. Yesterday I was reading the girls a book and we came to a picture of a mouse talking to all her little babies and Addie said, "Wow! She pooped out a lot of babies!"


Brittany said...

It sounds like all three get along so well! It was so odd to hear "great aunt Jenny," I had to think about that one :-)

Cheryl Joy said...

Haa! Addie cracks me up. :)

Christina said...

Addie is simply hilarious!

Sarah S said...

so funny about the pooping the babies out!! I wonder if she expects to poop one out sometime soon.