Friday, September 24, 2010

Every Morning

we walk to the bus stop.
we pick up leaves and acorns.
we look at the cat paw print in the cement of the walkway up to the neighbor's house.
we freak out when Preston tries to pick up bugs and dead worms.
we say good-bye to Ella and see the bus.
And then, we witness a Preston freak out when it is time to come inside.
it involves stomping, throwing himself onto the floor, kicking and hitting the ground,
crying, and then switching positions with some more crying and flailing around,
and finally standing up and deciding that maybe life will be ok aferall.
Every morning.
The rest of the day he is a pretty happy go lucky guy...just don't make him come inside :-)!
Other everyday events are Addie wanting to help me cook.
And Preston pushing chairs around to random locations in the kitchen to sit and/or stand on.
Not an everyday event, getting flowers from a friend...Addie loves them almost as much as me :-).


Diane said...

grrreat flower photos. and i love the first one too.

Sarah S said...

Pretty flowers!! What a nice friend. And the description of Preston throwing his going inside fit made me smile because we have the same thing at our house. The kind of tantrums that are so dramatic that you have to really hold back your laughs because it's that ridiculous. But so typical of this toddler age!