Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good News

*Addie will still be a princess cat!*
we put together our own outfit and it is much cuter :-), we can't reveal the whole thing yet though!
*Ella is really embracing having her own money...especially spending it :-).*
She is SO proud of her earring/necklace set that she bought herself!
The best part of this for me is that she is all about earning more money once it's spent too!
Saturday and Sunday Ella cleaned and cleaned, without me asking her or telling her to, just so she could earn more "dollars." And she's pretty good at it too! She is currently saving up for some Fancy Nancy face powder that she saw at Claire's when she was picking out her jewelry. She really, really wants badly that our shy girl called the store and described it to the worker so we could find out just how much money she needed to save (we didn't remember how much it was). I was amazed and so proud of was ADORABLE to hear her on the phone and made me realize just how big she really is :-(!
*Flowers taste good!*
(yes, they are weirdos)
*Addie still loves cats to an almost scary way :-).*
(on Sunday I went to Relief Society with the Laurels and one of the girls was doodling cats during the lesson, I had her show Addie afterwards and Addie LOVED them and asked to keep them, she spent the rest of the afternoon carrying that little card around and stopping to look at them)
*I actually went to the gym today for a little while. I just can't get back in the working out groove. And in even better news, I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription from my doctor and the pharmacist told me it could cause weight gain, perfect :-)! I'm only taking it for 5 days, so I'm not too worried, but still.
*In serious good's not humid outside today, at all, AND there is a breeze. I think we may go to the park when Ella gets home from school!
Come on fall, I know you can do it, just push on through!


Annemarie said...

That is all great news (except for the stupid medication)
I can't wait to see the Halloween costume!

Diane said...

Ella is such a great little helper, it is so adorable that she bought her necklace and earrings.