Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One of the librarians at our favorite library asked me if my grandma, mom, kids and I would be able to pose for a 4 generation picture in the library for their website. We had scheduled it for Monday morning, so of course, Preston fell and cut his face Sunday evening :-).
It actually looks worse now than it did right after it happened, but it never seemed like it even hurt him...he's tough when he wants to be.
I was concerned with making sure Addie and Preston were dressed cute for the picture that morning so I let Ella fend for herself.
I was impressed with how much I accomplished that morning! Between 8am and 11am I managed to go to the gym, Walmart for our grocery shopping, come home and get picture ready (which meant make-up AND drying my hair) and still pulled into the library parking lot right at 11am!
They said they would send me the link and copies of the pictures, but I haven't heard anything yet.
The kids enjoyed the FABULOUS weather that afternoon. Can I just say that since it has cooled down, my kids have hardly asked to watch any shows?! It's been AMAZING! (not to mention it's so nice when they start driving me crazy to tell them to go play outside where I can hardly hear them)
I finally bought more bird food, so we are enjoying watching the different birds that come to visit us again (it took the birds over 1 week to re-discover the food).
Some recent school work from Ella
(She has brought home some English papers too, but the Spanish is more fun for me!) ...
about the story of little red riding hood
And artwork from Addie.
Tom and Jerry
two of her latest stuffed cats, Lovey and Sammy, holding hands

(so Preston fell asleep in the car this afternoon not even for 10 minutes, we had lunch with Ella and came home so I put him in his normal nap time...and he is still awake 1 hour later. why do those mini-sleeps mess up their naps?!?! I feel like I should go get him, but he needs a nap so I don't know what to do)


Brittany said...

Preston's scratch is so bright it looks like red marker! Glad it didn't bother him too badly.

I'm excited to see the generation shots from the library.

Ella's Spanish is amazing! Sounds like that immersion program is working so well.

Sara Jean said...

My boys and I want to come and play at your house with you and your kiddos :) That tree climbing thing looks fun!

I'm so impressed with Ella's Spanish and drawings. But seriously- Addie is drawing Tom and Jerry!!!! You've got to be kidding me! Jasper is still drawing race tracks which are scribbled circles around and around and around. That's kind of it for him in the art department, for now, I supposed. Addie's cat and mouse have fingers, smiles, eyeballs, ears, legs, arms, and whiskers! That is so awesome, Addie!

KelleyAnne said...

Ella's school work is amazing! I love Addie's little cat drawings and Prestonian is over the top cute. What happened with the nap?

rusted sun said...

You photos are darling, as always.

I'm impressed with Ella's Spanish. That is great! Does Mike speak with her in Spanish too?

I hate, hate, hate it when my kids fall asleep for 10 min and then think they have taken a nap. It drives me nuts. Did I mention that I hate it?

So fun to keep up with your blog and not feel like we are so far away. Take care!

the Holyoaks said...

That's so cool. I'm excited to see the pictures of the generations. It figures that Preston got hurt. My kids always get a face injury before pictures. And I know what you mean about the power naps! It drives me nuts when a 10 minute cat-nap in the car messes up the normal nap schedule.