Saturday, September 25, 2010

Plans Change

Thursday our day was supposed to look something like this...
8am: Ella off to school, Go to the gym
9am: Visit Teach
10am: Take Addie to school (the second half of which was a birthday party)
11:15am: Go to a surprise birthday lunch for a friend (at a Mexican restaurant no less!)
12:30pm: Pick up Addie, Get Preston down for a nap
12:45pm: My visiting teachers come over
4pm: Ella comes home
4:30pm: Ella has dance
5:30pm: Pick Ella up, Go out to dinner
7pm: Go to my photography class
9pm: Come home to relax
But then, at 5:30am Addie was coughing in the bathroom and when I went in to check on her she started throwing up in the sink (but way to go Addie for getting it in the sink!). She started freaking out, loudly, so then Ella and Preston were up at 5:30am too. Although I was hopeful the throwing up was caused by her coughing and we would still be able to go about our day as planned, she threw up a few more times before 8am and then fell asleep for about an hour.
I emailed everyone I was supposed to be seeing that day to tell them we would be home with a sick Addie instead and Grandad dropped by some Sprite and saltines for her. Luckily by the end of the day she was feeling better and didn't have to miss out on any of her Friday fun (dance class and an invitation to play at the Little Gym). Preston and I were both a little stir crazy by the end of the day though. We went to visit Grammy and Greatfrog while Ella was in her dance class and Mike stayed home with Addie and then Mike and Ella had a little date to go out to dinner which was fun for them (and Addie stayed home to eat soup). The good news is everyone else has stayed healthy. Addie seems to be our kid that gets strange little throw-up bugs...sick in the morning, completely fine by the evening. Never a dull moment :-)!


Diane said...

Those strange little vomiting episodes always puzzled me when I had little ones. They would feel sick, lay down for awhile, throw up, then go back out to didn't seem to slow then down much or interrupt their playtime. It didn't happen often, but it was always weird when it did.

Brittany said...

I'm glad to hear that Addie feels better and no one else got sick. I'm especially glad to see her with her cat ears even while vomitting :-) I had a dream last night that I saw you and Addie and she didn't have on her cat ears. I asked "Addie where are you ears?" and you said quietly "we're trying to wean her off them and I told her no one would notice." I'm happy it was just a dream, I love her ears!

Cheryl Joy said...

As soon as I saw the little picture of Addie on my Dashboard I knewww what happened. Poor little kitty girl. I'm glad she is feeling better now.

You are so fancy with the hair-dos. I might need you to teach me a few things. OR when we have kids, you can do their hair sometimes and it can be a special Aunt Marci thing. :)

OH- and I'm going to want to hear all about your photography classes next month!