Friday, October 8, 2010

Windows and Doors

Initially I was a little disappointed with my photography class because it wasn't what I had expected it to be, but I do think it is still helping me. I am putting more thought into my angles and how I frame my pictures and getting better at taking the same picture from all different viewpoints so that I end up with a good shot in the end. The majority of our class is spent critiquing each other's pictures from that week's "assignment" and then the last half hour our instructor (Allan Philiba, bio here and pictures here) shows us examples of next week's theme from his own work. I usually just work the themes into the pictures I am taking that week reflections (Addie at dance and Preston with the cat ears), but this past week was 'doors and windows' and I didn't have anything interesting to work with around here. On our way to the Galleria Wednesday for our first family-picture- shopping-trip I drove by this closed Mexican restaurant and stopped to take advantage of their door so I had something to present in class last night. 
I really loved how they came out.
When I tried to get Preston to stand by this little door, he leaned back on it and it actually fell open to reveal this strange little storage room completely covered in spider webs. I took this picture and then tried to have Addie stand there instead, but she was completely terrified so it was a no go.
Everyone's absolute favorite...
Now I just need someone with my exact camera, who knows everything about it, to teach me all the functions and I'll be set :-).


The Chrissy Herself said...

Great pictures Marci!

This guy makes his living off of reviewing cameras and lenses:

I've found him extremely helpful in a lot of ways. If you just spend some time sifting through his site, following links and what not, you'll be surprised what you find. Last night I read all about his thoughts on full-frame vs. non full-frame cameras, which led me to his advice on starting on a photography biz, which led me to his sample shots comparing simple camera adjustments. That one is here:

Needless to say, I spend a great amount of time on his site ;-)

Laurie said...

That last picture is so awesome!

Brittany said...

What an awesome background those doors and the colors are. Cool shots. I love the story of Preston's discovery from leaning on the door.

Cheryl Joy said...

I'm with Chrissy- Ken Rockwell is the man. And I also LOVE the last photo. When I'm there I'll help you explore your camera a little more. :)

One thing that might make these photos a little better- the white balance is just a tiny bit off.. notice how they have a bluish tint to them (still beautiful, but the yellow walls and red door could be warmed up a bit)? When it's really bright out, photos are bluish, and when it's dim light, they turn yellowish, this can be fixed with white balance (or photoshop).

You have the cutest models in the world.

You would have hated my photography class because we weren't allowed to take photos of cute things, like children, babies and puppies. :)

Heather said...

marci - Those pictures are darling - isn't it amazing how just changing the perspective of the camera can make a completely different look? I love it!

Kayley said...

Marci, I LOVE these! You're getting so good!

Stephanie said...

I'm so impressed with all your pictures lately, these are really cool!

Sarah S said...

Marci, I joined this web site called Clickin Moms and have been really happy with it. There are classes offered that aren't cheap (like $300), but they're online, with great critiques from the instructor and fellow classmates and I learned a lot from the class that focused on using Lightroom (which I LOVE). I'm taking a Nicole Hill online class on photographing babies and toddlers, but don't think it was worth the money, unfortunately. Not a whole lot of meat to the lessons.

I attended a photography workshop in the summer that was a whole weekend - it was an AMAZING experience. I learned a lot from the teacher and even more from the other students in the class. We all still keep in touch. I learned about an amazing workshop in Salt Lake, but I am totally drawing a blank on the photographer's name. It's driving me crazy. When I think of it, I'll let you know :) I would love to go sometime.

That last shot is my favorite too. I love that taking a class forces you to try different angles and composition that your usual way of photographing things. Good job!!