Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ella's Fun Friday

Grammy arrived to our house bright and early on Friday (at 7am!) so Ella and I could head to the school for "Morning with Mom." We had muffins, bananas and chocolate milk and hung out until it was getting close to the start of school. She was thrilled to be the first one in her line (and told me the only other time that has happened is when Grandad brought her to the donuts with dad morning).
I came home for a little while before heading back to the school for Ella's "Thankful Party." Luckily, I have great friends and family members to help me out because no siblings were allowed (and really it's nice to just focus on Ella)! Katie drove Addie to and from dance and my mom came to stay at the house with Preston. I was irritated at the school party to find out we weren't allowed to take pictures, but I did ask Ella's teacher to take one of me and Ella together. It was fun to see Ella at her school so much in one day. I love to see her little face get so excited when I walk into her classroom.
Addie and Taylor were wearing the same little skirt by complete coincidence!
After leaving the school I took advantage of being child free and ran a couple errands before heading back home. Ella's bus came only a couple hours later because it was a half day. And only a couple hours after that we headed off to San Antonio to visit Meema and Papa. See, it really was a great day for Ella!
And Mike and I were able to get a night away from the kids! Hooray! We went out to dinner Friday night and tried to sleep in the next morning, unsuccessfully, but it was still super relaxing and a nice little break. The kids had so much fun at the zoo with Chrissy, Chloe, Meema and Papa. We headed back home that night after a yummy Mexican dinner, so it was a fast trip, but it was still great to see everyone!
Chrissy's zoo pics here.
Preston was singing Ariel's song on the way home and if you listen at the end I get him to say "yeah". He answers "yeah" or "no" to any question now and hearing his little "Yeah"s all day, makes me so happy :-)!


Kirsten said...

Love the video and Preston singing! Mady needs to take some lessons from him because the only thing she responds to questions with is "no, no, no".

Cheryl Joy said...

Preston is so precious.