Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Little Santa

I still haven't had a chance to look through all our Christmas pictures, but I did go through the videos a couple days ago. So, in the mean time here is our very own little Santa (Preston in his Christmas Eve jammies).

Thursday, December 29, 2011


We have been enjoying our Christmas break...time with family, a couple excursions, eating out, playing with friends and home improvement projects. Mike and I are in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets white and then painting the walls of the kitchen and family room. It is making me want to re-do the whole house! We have been here for 5 years and I'm ready for change, so this has been mostly fun :-). We are taking Tom to a new home tomorrow and though I am excited, I am also feeling sad and guilty about it too. We'll see how it goes. I did my first maternity shoot this week for one of Ella's teachers and it was a lot of fun to do something new. And of course there has been lots of playing with new Christmas toys, watching new movies, and playing outside in the nice warm weather. So, that is what we have been up to, oh and also staying up too late...I am beginning to crave my schedule again!
But back to the catching up...
We finished up our last 2 days in San Antonio with golfing for the boys, resale shopping for the girls, eating...and more eating, a nativity photo-op with the cousins (thanks to Britt's persistence), and more relaxing with the whole Freeman clan. We were surprised to find our hotel had an indoor pool and managed to find swimsuits for the kids (or clothes that were close enough) at a little resale shop near the hotel. Our morning routine became eat breakfast, go swimming, get ready, and head to Meema and Papa's. The kids LOVED it!!! Although Preston was a little out of control due to lack of sleep by the end, overall it was once again a fun and relaxing trip (not cooking for almost a week was awesome!). We are excited to be heading back again soon for Mac's baby blessing.
I hate not being able to control the focus when I put my camera on "auto" to use the flash. Dustin was the cutest little wise man and didn't even mind that huge jewel hanging down his face.
We got home from San Antonio and had one day to recoup a bit, and do LOTS of laundry, before all the fun with my side of the family began. Everyone came to hang out at our house on the 23rd. We chatted, ate appetizers, watched Elf and played a game. It was just what I was wanting to do with all of us together!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Six Flags Again

We had to be sure and squeeze in another Six Flags trip even if the weather wasn't cooperating much during our days in San Antonio. Monday night (19th) the rain had cleared up and it was actually pretty warm so we went by for a little while. This time Brittany and Dustin were able to come and join in the fun. We were shocked when we got there at how amazingly EMPTY it was at the park and Mike and I were especially thankful that Britt was a long so we could sneak in a quick roller coaster ride! We were able to walk right on to the front row of one and it was a blast. Then it was on to let the kids have fun :-).

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pre-Christmas in San Antone

We headed out to San Antonio for some fun with the Freefam before Christmas.
The first day is always packed full! Up first, destroy Papa's train!
Preston couldn't figure out why he couldn't push the train along the track like he does on the one in his room and kept taking it off the track for help. Eventually the train was put away for safe keeping :-). With Dustin and Mac soon to join in the terrorizing I'm guessing we probably won't get to enjoy it for at least a few more years.
There were games played with Aunt Brittany, who is always up for fun with the kids, rest time from everyone but those who really needed it (Addie and Preston) and the first of the craftiness with Meema.
Brittany and I were total twinners on 2 days of the trip by accident :-).
After the first of many yummy dinners we made s'mores over the fire pit and then some of us opened presents...doesn't get much better than that!
we got all the little nephews and Preston matching bow ties...I'm planning on a future picture of them all together looking cute in them :-)
Addie and Preston opened presents that they were able to enjoy the rest of the visit...a bulldozer and lots of art supplies. I was so proud of Ella for being so mature about not opening anything since she had gone on her early shopping trip with Meema over Thanksgiving. That can be hard as a little kid and she had a great attitude. Of course, I again failed to get a picture of her in her cute outfit with Meema and Papa, but she loves it and uses the purse ALL the time.  When Addie opened her art supplies and saw the pipe cleaners she exclaimed, "I've always wanted these!!!!" She is a great present opener :-)!
We ended up getting this print for Chrissy and Cheryl (after I got the idea from Cheryl's pinterest account!), now I just need one for myself :-).
And some other randoms for the first couple days...
Bath time for cute little Mac.
This one is actually from Thanksgiving, but it's the whole crew with Great-Grandma Gibbs. (oh, and that's Ella's Christmas present outfit and purse!)
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