Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lunch by the Waterfall

Tuesday morning we got Ella off to school,
took a couple extra pictures of Preston showing off how big he is,
and hit the gym. Then it was off to meet up with the Joy School crew. They have been exploring imagination and other such fun during this current unit and the plan was to see another play at the Miller Outdoor Theater. We arrived a little late and it was CRAZY busy there that day. There was NO parking by the theater, NO parking at the zoo and NO parking at the playground nearby. I think it was mostly due to school field trips being in full swing with the end of year approaching, however, it was slightly frustrating when you are in a car full of anxious children (I am just super thankful I wasn't the one driving...that was my best birthday present that day!). We ended up finally making it out of the craziness and headed over to this fun attraction downtown to check out the water fall, eat our picnic lunch and get some crazies out. The kids still had a blast.
Adeline, Ellie and Brooklynn
Chasing the birds was pretty fun too, but Preston kept running after them and then he would keep going, and going, and going. Katie stole my camera and took some pictures of us walking back to the group. He is one fast little kid!
I love this moment Katie caught. I can just imagine Preston saying to Ian, "Did you see me Ian?! I ran so far and I'm so fast and my mom had to chase me! Ha ha ha!"
As we got near home Addie did say, "I thought we were going to a play!" Oh well :-).  And then of course there was the icing on the cake....We were only feet away from being dropped off at our car back in Katy when Preston started throwing up all over. Happy Birthday to Mom! :-) He was crying and stinky and gross, but luckily it was pretty much contained to his car seat and didn't get all over Katie's car! I stripped him down and stuck the car seat and clothes in our trunk. Preston sat rather unsafely on the booster and Addie on the plain old seat of the car and we hurried the short distance home before anything else could happen. Addie asked me if Preston was sick and I told her I was pretty sure he just got car sick. She quickly corrected me saying, "No Mom, he was van sick, because Ellie has a van!" Luckily he really was just car sick and we all still enjoyed our Tutti Frutti later that night!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute Preston

So, before the drama at the gym happened this morning, I had been planning on posting these pictures of Preston from Monday. He was enjoying his Easter chocolate while I was cooking. We were being silly and he was laughing so hard and being so adorable in general that I went and grabbed the camera. Of course, I couldn't get the laughs going again, but I know I'll still like to watch the video clip of him and his cute little voice when he isn't quite so little anymore...which is already happening way to fast for me!

At a Loss

So, Addie got kicked out of the gym today again for hitting someone. 
She usually has a reason like someone took her crayon, but I don't know if those are even true all the time. She KNOWS that it is not ok to hit and she KNOWS that if someone does bother her she should tell the teacher, but she doesn't do it. She doesn't go around hitting people all the time, but the gym sure seems to bring it out in her for one reason or another (and I have spied on her enough times to know that she is NOT picked on, most the kids are babies in there).
I don't know what to do about. I have talked to her, I have given her time outs, I have practiced scenarios at home, I have yelled. 
She is currently in her room, with the door closed, for the day.
The only thing I DO know is that I can not bring her back to the gym for 2 weeks...freakin fabulous.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

30th Birthday Festivities

I entered a new decade on Tuesday and turned 30! I thought something would be different (or sad) about 30, but I really feel fine about it. I assume most people at Ella's school already think I'm 30 anyway, so now I actually am old enough to have these 3 kiddos :-)! My 20's were great though...I finally made it to Africa, got married, graduated college, had all my cute babies, bought homes and settled into real grown-up life. So, although it's a little sad to leave my 20's behind, I'm excited for my 30's and just experiencing our family as it grows up together. Turning 40 will be a different story I'm pretty sure though :-)!
And can I just say that having Facebook is definitely fun on your birthday?! I get on it maybe once a week usually, but on Tuesday it was so fun to get email after email of birthday wishes- so thanks everyone!

Thursday night kicked off the fun with a dinner out with my girlfriends. Yummy Mexican food, hilarious conversation and fun gifts too...a perfect night!
Friday night the kids went to play at Emily's (aka she babysat for us!) and Mike and I went out on a date to celebrate. Dinner with no kids is always a treat :-)!
Sunday night was the joint birthday celebration for me and Hope. We ate Hansen tacos and ice cream sundays. I enjoyed not helping with my kids at all and letting everyone else take care of them while I sat at the table relaxing :-). Everything was delicious and looked beautiful, as always.
Kayley made the little nests and cute name tags.
Even the kids get special treatment :-).
Kayley was using Ella to get some pictures for a photography class she is taking, so I took some too.
After dinner it was on to the really good stuff...dessert and presents!
The moment I saw this mustache necklace I knew it was perfect for Hope! We were so excited to give it to her.
I can't wait to go shopping with my giftcard from Grandma and Grandpa and was sooo excited about my present from my family. Not the kitchen stuff, although it is cute...
but this necklace! 
I have been wanting a necklace with our kids' names on it since we decided Preston was our last. In fact, just a few days before I had told Mike the only thing I really wanted other than money towards a new lens was a necklace like this. So,  I was thrilled to open it! I got everything I want :-)!
Kayley got "Sister Bracelets" for all the girls (Cheryl's are the ones being held) which I think is such a cute idea! And we all gave her a hard time about how she managed to pick a gift that allowed her to get something for herself too :-).
Hope wanted a picture of her eye, so I was happy to oblige.
hope 1
And one more day to celebrate, my real deal birthday on Tuesday!
Mike took the girls to pick out some little gifts for me and Ella also selected these very pink daisies. We went to Tutti Frutti, which I have been craving since the girls and I went last month, and then I went and got Mexican take-out for Mike and I to eat, while he got the kids all tucked in bed. It's been a fun week and I'm just sad it's all over now :-)!