Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tale of QuasiPreston

Sunday morning the kids were getting a little crazy (as is usual) while we waited for our late church time to finally arrive. I was at the computer finishing up some things and about to start going over my YW lesson when I heard Preston start crying. He was crying hard so I assumed it was more than a soft bump like usual, but I was definitely still shocked to walk into the girls room and see blood on his face. Ella and Addie both freaked out when they saw he was bleeding and covered their future surgeons in our midst :-). He and Ella had been playing and he fell into her bed post at apparently just the wrong spot. After we wiped it up and looked at it we realized we were going to have to take him in to the doctor. It wasn't bleeding tons but it was a wide cut and right by his left eye. So, off to urgent care we went.
at home before leaving 
and waiting in the waiting room
Luckily urgent care was able to handle us (which meant less waiting and hopefully less money than an ER visit although we are still scared to get the bill). Mike waited out with the girls while I went back with Preston. They wanted to get some x-rays and make sure the cut was the only injury. I think getting the x-rays was the hardest part of the day. I was trying to get him to lay still, on his side, while wearing the protective was hard, but we did get to take home copies of the x-rays.
preston 1
preston 1
Then it was back to a room to wait for the doctor. Luckily everything looked fine, so taking care of the cut was all we were worried about. I was hoping they wouldn't have to use actual stitches, but they did...5 total. I think watching them numb the area was worse than watching the actual stitches. I was surprised when I started to feel a little queasy at the end and had to sit down and I'd like to think it was because I hadn't eaten much that day, but who knows :-).  Preston HATED being restrained. As they strapped him on to the board he was MAD. Then a nurse who was helping hold his head kept calling him "pumpkin" because she didn't know his name and he yelled at her, "NO! Not pumpkin, I Preston!" I assured him he was not a pumpkin. Poor little guy. He also told us repeatedly he wanted to get down, that he wanted a bandaid and that he was all done. Overall he did pretty well though and was very excited to hold me and his blankie again at the end.
2 hours later we were all happy to be headed home.
Preston took a nice long nap that afternoon and didn't seemed to be bothered by his owie at all when he woke up. I left the band aid on him the rest of the day because I was nervous to see it, but that night when we took it off I was surprised at how good it looked.
They had told us to expect a lot of swelling and bruising over the next couple days. Monday morning was definitely the worst day for swelling. I start calling him QuasiPreston because he was looking just like Quasimodo.
and remember what that side of his face had looked like just the day before?
By the afternoon the swelling was a little better and the purple color was getting deeper.
Since then we have been cleaning it as directed and trying to keep Preston from hurting it again. Tuesday we had a scare when he hurt himself and started crying. I ran in relieved to see he had only cut his lip; his eye was fine. The biggest bummer has been being stuck at home all week. We definitely miss the pool!
Wednesday (today)
I leave in the morning for a girls' trip to Oregon (wooo hooo!) so I'm going to miss the next few days of healing, not to mention the big day Saturday getting the stitches out. I hope it all goes ok :-(. Poor Preston. 
I feel like we are for real parents now that we have had our first stitches episode...leave it to the boy of the bunch:-).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to Track

We were back to the track Saturday bright and early for another track meet. Ella has been less than enthusiastic about track lately so she wasn't thrilled about getting up early for the meet (although Grandad coming to cheer her on did help). There is one little boy on her team who she runs pretty close with. At the beginning of the season she would beat him most of the time, but he has been beating her lately and I think it has been frustrating her. After running the 100m and the 4x100m this meet she hadn't placed in the top 3 yet, meaning no medals, just ribbons. Ella really wanted a medal and she really wanted to beat Jonathan by the time the 200m came! It made for a great race, especially because she beat him and got 3rd! I was so excited for her! It seems to have worked wonders for her track attitude too, thankfully. Tonight at practice she was running her heart out and not complaining about being there at all. She was even almost beating her track friend Trinity who is a speedy little thing. I hope the new attitude is here to stay!
Ella's first race was the 100m.
Next up was the 4x100m relay.
And lastly, the 200m.
We said goodbye to Grandad and waited out the rest of the races until the time for the results came.
Her actual times are out in the car, but Ella earned...
4th place in the 100m
5th place in the 4x100m
and 3rd place in the 200m.
Our cute track star :-). 
I think she was really proud of herself for earning that medal in an individual event...she knew she worked hard and did it on her own! I was super proud of her!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding Our Way Back to Normal

It's so hard to do after a vacation...especially a long one that involves another time zone! It took me 2 days just to get to the grocery store because I kept putting off making a list for the trip (and eating out was fun :-). But eventually we are pretty much settled back in. Since it was just me and the kiddos we tried to have some extra fun too...lunches at Chick Fil A, a morning spent at Pump It Up and finally heading back to the pool for some swimming with friends. By the time Mike returned home from San Antonio the household was pretty much back in order. We were all excited to see him again, but especially Preston who told me every night that we needed to "go get Dada from Papa's house!" He also loved talking on the phone to Mike which was super cute. Ella was glad to have him home, but also sad that her late nights watching So You Think You Can Dance with me were over :-).
check out his little calf muscle :-)
I promise Preston loved this slide and went on it at least 10 more times after this first trip down.
We also had some not-so-fun business to take care of as well, including taking Preston to get his 2 year vaccines. I made the mistake of trying to fit all our errands into one day, which was really miserable for us all. Although it was nice to not have to worry about any of it the next day, it wasn't worth it. Lesson learned.
Having all the kids at Ella's track practice...not so fun either :-).
On the plus side, that whole week the kids did play amazingly together at home. They were so excited to be back with all their toys that they didn't even ask to watch shows on TV a thousand times (the excitement has warn off and Ella has asked me a million times today though). We started back with our school time and some craftiness and overall are just happy to be home!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And One Day We Made It Home

We drove all day Saturday and made it to Phoenix where we stayed the night. The drive back down from CA to AZ seemed like it took A LOT longer this time, but that is always how it seems to go with the drive home. The stop was strategically planned so that we could have dinner at Cafe Rio and it was worth it! When we got to the hotel the kids were ready to get some wiggles out before bed.
It was pretty depressing to wake up the next morning knowing that we still had about 14 hours of driving left to get to San Antonio. We decided we would play it by ear and possibly stop in El Paso to stay the night and we hit the road. The kids did GREAT on our second day though. They are seriously amazing about not having to go to the bathroom all the time and we got an almost 6 hour stretch in there which helped. We decided to just get it over with and rolled up to Meema and Papa's house a little after midnight. We had made it!
The whole Freeman crew was hard at work finishing up moving and renovating their new place, so Mike stayed for a few days to help them out. The kids and I loaded back in the car for one last time and finished out our 2 1/2 hours back home to good old Katy, TX. The girls were sooo excited to see their cats and Preston couldn't wait to play "train tracks" again. We slowly got things unloaded from the car, did lots and lots of laundry and started to readjust back to TX time and our normal routines again. We loved...

As I was finishing up that post, I heard Preston start crying in the other room and went to check on him.  He had a big cut by his eye and it was bleeding pretty badly. Ella had been playing with him and freaked out as soon as she saw it. So, we spent the last couple hours at urgent care getting stitches. A post will come :-), but he is fine, no worries.