Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Junior Pacesetter Ella

Saturday Ella participated in a little dance clinic put on by the dance team at Hope's high school. The little girls practiced with the dancers that morning (and did a little run through for the parents at pick-up time) and then they got to perform during half time at the high school football game that night! Needless to say, Ella was pretty excited about it! The added bonus of doing it at Hope's high school is that she was in the marching band playing the song while Ella danced...and I could hitch a ride to the game with Nana and Grandad.
She felt all grown-up heading off that morning. She didn't know anyone else going and I was so proud of her as she just marched right on into the gym (as I held a SCREAMING Preston who wanted to go too).
While Ella was at her practice, we hung out at Nana and Grandad's while Scott cleaned our car (he's really into it and does a great job!).
These boys are 2 peas in a pod...jokesters! I'm a little nervous about it :-).
It was nice they did the performance at pick-up time so that Mike could see it too. They performed to a Justin Bieber song which Ella was excited about.
she's way in the back
and with her Pacesetter mentor
That night the football game was pushed back from 6pm until 7pm due to the heat...the high that day was 107...WAAAY too hot! We got Ella all dolled up and in her outfit and we headed out!
We were there early to get a good spot (although Ella ended up being on the other side of her helper than in the gym and I couldn't find her on the field for awhile) and Ella enjoyed a nutritious dinner of nachos, gummy bears and Powerade. It was SO hot, especially once people started filling in the stands. I didn't even want to eat, I just needed water and powerade! First quarter Ella sat with us, 2nd quarter she went to meet up with the Pacesetters and get ready for the show and then halftime was of course, the big moment. She was supposed to get to sit in the stands with the Pacesetters for 3rd quarter, but she was so hot she just wanted to go...the rest of us were definitely in agreement with her and happy to leave! It was definitely a fun experience and next year Addie will be old enough to do it too!
how cute are the boy and girl mascots?!
I really am not good at videoing with my camera (and it stopped recording part way through so I had to start again). I wish I had better video of the performance (and that I had found Ella before the dance started)!
And since this is all about Ella, I finally got her track pictures form the YMCA yesterday...
ella track pic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 5 Love Languages of Children

The Five Love Languages of ChildrenThe Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I typically get pretty annoyed reading these self-help type books...the examples and case studies always seem way too contrived to me...but I actually really liked this one. I think for the most part as parents we all cover the 5 love languages to a point, but reading the book definitely made me more aware of what I do and how I could improve. By making small changes I have noticed some pretty big differences in the reactions of my kids, especially my girls. Definitely worth reading, although there are some cheesy examples :-)!
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Ella's Summer Pics

I finally went through all Ella's pictures and uploaded them for the blog. She has been asking me for weeks to do it. The videos are my personal favorites though :-).
(and do you think she loves her cat Beauty much?)
Summer 2011 by Ella Freeman
ella cam 117
ella cam 114
ella cam 014ella cam 108
ella cam 076ella cam 081
ella cam 027
ella cam 011
ella cam 073ella cam 064
You can read the history of this white blanket on my mom's blog here.
ella cam 131ella cam 151
ella cam 155ella cam 009
ella cam 009
ella cam 163
ella cam 011 (2)
ella cam 013
ella cam 007ella cam 023
ella cam 015ella cam 170
ella 012ella 010
ella 016ella 022
ella 021
ella cam 006