Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Christmas!

I will hopefully start catching up on all the latest happenings soon, but until then, Happy December!
I love this month and I love Christmas cards! I've started mailing mine out, so if you want one this is the last call for new addresses!
And since every post is better with a picture, here is our 2011 pic with Santa.
I'm hoping to scan all of them starting with Ella's first Christmas in 2004, but we'll see if it happens :-)! I have them all hanging up and I love walking by and seeing how our family has changed each year.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Ella

Since my personal photos are on the back burner right now it is a good thing I have these from Ella to share! I took our old camera to the Twilight movie with me and was surprised by all kinds of gems when I went to upload those photos. The videos were definitely the best...LOVE them :-)! Thanks Lella!
She captured play dates with friends Naomi and Lindsey as well.
And no Ella upload would be complete without pictures of the cats and her silly faces.
And my favorite...
(I don't know how she thought of these lyrics)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twilight...and Other Stuff Too

Last week was the calm before the storm for us. These next couple weeks are going to be crazy, so I enjoyed my week of having at least some free time still. Highilights....

Ella bought this new school bag, and a new binder to go in it, with her own money. She also designed her flower bracelet from a ribbon and a hair clip!
Other cute kiddos that morning...
Cashing in Ella's free Rita's frozen ice from her reading program. Addie's friend from preschool, Noah, happened to be there at the same time and they were laughing their heads off about poop. The potty talk is driving me crazy, but it still continues, of course, despite the fact they aren't allowed to use it.
Thursday night was the midnight showing of the latest Twilight movie. It is rough staying up that late, especially when the kids get up at 6:30am regardless :-), but since it is way more fun to go see these movies in the middle of night I know I'll do it again for the last movie! This year we had a fun Enrichment acitivty before heading over to the theater to claim our good seats. The movie was surprisingly well done, the fried pickles at the Alamo were as delicious as ever and being with so many fun ladies was a blast!
the rest of our row
Twins on Friday and a grumpy Prest. That kid is quite the stinker lately, but at least he'll admit it. He will tell me, "I'm grumpy!!!" He also tells me not to look at him when he is going to be sneaky or do something he isn't supposed to. Just last night there were blueberries on the counter and he kept eating them. I had told him not to eat any more and was looking through the mail. He told me, "Mom, don't look at me! Don't see me!" So, I pretended to be reading the mail and he kept his eyes on me while he reached up to grab more berries :-). Stinklet!
Addie found Beauty laying with her stuffed cats and requested a picture of it because she thought it was too funny :).
I just found this pic on the phone from when Preston and I met up with Mike for lunch near his school last month.
mike and prest

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preston's Death Defying Adventure

This is a long story...
So, Preston and Ian are still great little buddies. On Wednesdays Ian comes to play with us and on Thursdays Preston goes to play with Ian. They love it and Emily and I love it because we both get some time to get other things done. This past Thursday Emily took the boys with her to the church to set up for our Enrichment Activity that night (it was super fun by the way...a service auction...loved it!). I spent my day catching up on things and went to pick up Brooklynn and Addie from preschool that afternoon. As we were driving back to Emily's to trade Brooklynn for Preston I gave her a call to tell her something from the school that I didn't want to forget about by the time we got to her house. When I called Emily asked me, "Do you want to hear a story now or when you get here?" Now, of course!

So, the ladies at the church had a movie on for the kids to watch while they worked. At one point Emily turned around and the boys weren't in the room. So, she started walking around the church looking for them. On her way up to the stage she noticed there was a door propped open with stairs that led up to the attic. She went up and called for the boys but didn't hear anything and went back down to look in classrooms, etc. After a bit of searching, and another trip up to the attic, and still no Ian or Preston she was getting nervous and some of the other ladies were helping her look. As they were looking they heard little feet running above them and Emily headed back up to the attic. (Now, I have since been up to the attic to inspect and it is HUGE. It has a walkway with a railing along it and it keeps and going and going around the length of the building pretty much). Emily walked back in the attic and called for the boys. Ian eventually came running towards her and when Emily asked where Preston was he told her that Preston had fallen. Thinking he was lying somewhere on the pathway she told Ian to show her and they kept walking. And walking and walking. Eventually they came to where the walkway ended and there was a small space with no railing. Ian pointed and told her that is where Preston fell. From the walkway it drops down about a foot and there is what looks like more flooring but is just the backside of the ceiling tiles. When Emily looked over that edge there was a hole in the tiles and no Preston. HE HAD FALLEN THROUGH THE CEILING! 
Needless to say Emily started freaking out. At this point in the telling of the story I was also getting really nervous and said to Emily, "I'm assuming he is fine since you didn't call earlier, right?!" They get back down from the attic and she has no idea which room he has fallen in, if he lying there unconscious, if he has broken bones. An older woman in our ward soon came in with Preston (who was wearing no pants because he kept taking them off) and asked whose child it was. Apparently some ladies had been working in the genealogy room of our building, heard a crash from the back of the room, and then in walked Preston. He didn't even cry! He had fallen through the ceiling tile and miraculously landed on a filing cabinet (albeit a tall one!) and then must have gone from there to the floor. Can you believe it?! He didn't have a scratch on him but his knee did have a bruise. Preston is one lucky little guy!
That night at Enrichment I got to see up in the attic where he had fallen and today after church Katie helped me track down keys to the genealogy room and borrow her camera so I could pictures of the broken tile. We are seriously lucky he wasn't hurt! And don't worry Emily, I still love you :-)!
The only thing Preston would tell me about this adventure was that he fell into a box :-).
I am seeing more stitches in this kid's future.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Location Scouting

Last weekend the kids and I went on a little adventure (in our pjs). We were looking for a specific kind of location someone had requested for their photo shoot this weekend (and I think we found a great one!) and on our way home stopped by this woodsy location I had found a few weeks ago. When I found it the first time I didn't have my camera with me and I have 2 shoots there this weekend so I wanted to test out some spots and see what was working with the morning light. The kids, especially Preston surprisingly, were great sports about posing for me despite the fun playground around the corner. I think this is going to be a great picture place...I'm ready for tomorrow!
Preston is doing this awesome, new, slightly cheesy smile when he poses for the camera now :-)! You'll see it many, many times in the coming weeks! (and yes he desperately needs hair cut)
Addie set her toys on the swing while she went to climb on the playground.