Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ella's Christmas Party (and our Dinner, and a party for me)

Last year at the day after Christmas sale I stocked up on fancy Christmas dishes and then realized we would have to find a time to use them. We eat most of our big holiday meals with either my family or Mike's, which is awesome for many reasons (great food that I don't have to make for one!), but it's fun to have time for our own special meals too. Christmas snuck up on this year and the last week of school I realized we had only ONE night free for a fancy dinner before we headed out to San Antonio, so Thursday was our fancy dinner night. We kept the meal pretty simple but candles and sparkling cider make anything seem does Blue Bell peppermint ice cream! Maybe this year I can find a nice table cloth so we feel really fancy next year!
The next day, Friday the 16th, was BUSY with holidy fun! 
First up, Ella's classroom party. At the last minute I asked Emily to watch Addie and Preston so I could just focus on Ella and it was such a treat! She has SO much fun with all her friends and I loved seeing her adorable smile as she was laughing with them. It was also bittersweet because her homeroom teacher (who is the Spanish teacher of the Two-Way Immersion duo) had just announced that week that she wouldn't be coming back after Christmas due to personal reasons. Ella really loves both her teachers and is really sad that Mrs. Lara won't be coming back. She told me she hopes her next teacher is pretty like Mrs. Lara because she's so nice. I assured her that her new teacher will be nice no matter what she looks like :-). Oh, and Ella was so excited for this last day of school (it was also a 1/2 day!) that she wanted me to paint her nails and curl her lasted most of the school day at least. She has my straight hair all the way.
playing 'pass the snowball' (aka: hot potato)
I didn't think to take video until it was too late...right when Ella got out. The kids were dying laughing during the game :-).
She was totally grossed out by her deskmate's eating :-)...oh, boys.
Ella and Allie
Ella and Mrs. Lara
After I picked up the little kids, we stopped at home to get them dressed and then it was off to a Favorite Things party for me (and playtime for the kids). Katie hosted this fun little gathering and made a delicious minestrone soup. She even bought gluten-free noodles for me to put in mine! What a friend!!! We had a $5 price point and I seriously LOVED everything I got...OPI nail polish, Food Network magazine, Jelly Bellies, Starbucks giftcard, and an insulated straw cup with candy inside. I thought long and hard about what to get everyone and ended up donating to the Afton Jean Charity I had recently heard about for everyone and getting them this download of a Mother Teresa quote that I love. I should have taken more pictures, but here are all the kids enjoying their lunch of chicken nuggets.
We still had another event to go to, but I'm done for now!

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