Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mr. Tom

As you will recall, we got 2 kittens just about a year ago. Tom is the big male of the duo and he is a cuddler. He wants to give love and be loved at all times. I have been putting this off because he really is a good, sweet cat and I feel really bad about it, but we are trying to find a new home for him. One where someone WANTS to cuddle him and love him more than they do here so that every person - and cat - will be happier. He is outgoing and very friendly, and he has grown up with Preston and Addie, which means he is also tough and patient. So, if you are interested let me know. He even brings his own miniature Santa hat with him.
I suppose I should also mention that he is neutered and de-clawed on his front paws...and that he is gorgeous.

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Christina said...

Nooo don't do it! :-( I regret not getting a 2nd cat when I should have! cats are so much better in 2's!