Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Addie at Five

Oh, Addie girl, where to begin :-)?! Adeline keeps us busy! 
From her constant art projects, her happys and sads, her cute giggle, her love of cats, butterflies and the color purple, her deep thinking questions, her requests for back scratches, her fear of heights, her love of the outdoors, and her independent personality, we are constantly being surprised. Addie is sweet and caring and compassionate. She does things at her own pace, because she her creative little mind is easily distracted from the task at hand :-), but eventually those pajamas are on and her teeth are brushed. I especially love her creativity and imagination that leaves me wondering how such a little brain can come up with such amazing ideas. Addie and Preston have really formed a special bond this last year and although there is definitely fighting between them at times, they really have fun together. She and Ella still love to play dress up, have dance parties and play with their stuffed animals together. She loves to cuddle with Mike and cook with me, and I think we all love to have our special Addie moments. You can't help but love her spunkiness and I am so proud of the progress she has made this year when it comes to listening and following directions. She adds a sparkle in our lives that we couldn't live without! Happy Birthday Addie Cat!
Officially at 5 years old she weighs 41 lbs (59th percentile) and is 42 1/2" tall (52nd percentile). She loves most food, but especially cereal for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and creamy lemon chicken on rice for dinner. She loves all fruit, will eat her veggies but doesn't love them and still has a big sweet tooth. Her favorite shows are Tom and Jerry, Cat in the Hat and Despicable Me. She loves any craft activity, her stuffed animals and all books. Splat the Cat and Skippy Jon Jones are her probably her favorite characters right now. Playing PBSKids.org on the computer is her favorite treat and cutting and gluing take up most of her free time.
Here are the other pictures from her big birthday photo shoot, wearing her beautiful dress made by Nana...and some being her spunky self too.
Mike has always called Addie's hair "fluffy", because really it was when it first came in. They still joke about it and Addie will tell him she has 10 fluffs on her head. Well, on her birthday she announced that she now has 11 fluffs since she is 5...big news :-)!

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KelleyAnne said...

She is one special kiddo! Nana LOVES seeing her in the little dress. I will have to steal your pictures :)
We sure love our Addie Cat♥