Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I almost had just as hard of a time falling asleep Christmas Eve as Ella did, but before we knew it morning had arrived. We had told the girls they could wake us up as long as it was at least 6:30am and on the dot they were there to get us. I don't think they woke up much before that, but I'm thankful they so far aren't setting alarms to get up and go downstairs like my brother and I did :-). We decided to let Preston keep sleeping for a bit and headed downstairs. There wasn't any screaming or jumping up and down, but they were definitely excited to see that many of the things they asked Santa for had been delivered (no Scooby Doo robot for Addie though...silly goose). At 7am I went and woke Preston up to join the fun. (we didn't do very well at taking pictures this year, so it will have to be trusted that we had a lot of fun!)
Ella had asked Santa some very specific questions and was thrilled to find a note in return.
Then we moved on to our presents from each other.
After candy and popcorn for breakfast and some playtime with all the new goodies it was time to get ready for church. We all went to my parent's sacrament meeting at 9am and it was fun to have the whole entire family together there...it is the last time we will all fit on one pew, that's for sure.
We went home to change and grab our food and then headed over to my parents for my favorite holiday meal of the year...Christmas brunch! The Scotts were in charge of cooking the yummy gingerbread waffles. Too bad this is the only picture I took all morning (the kids were a little crazy by this point to say the least).
I was ready to put Preston down for a nap and Addie in her room for some quiet time, so we moved the party to our house that afternoon for some more game playing. I had THE worst luck all weekend! I was out first or second in every game we played, but it was still fun. I thought this year we were really able to just relax and spend time together, which is just what I wanted!

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