Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Photos 2011

I realized awhile ago that I never posted our family pictures from the year and decided they would be the perfect ending for our 2011 book...once I finish the 2010 one that is :-). My talented sis-in-law Chrissy (of Studio 85 Photography) took our pictures for us this year in San Antonio. I was so in love with our outfits this time and was so happy when we got our pictures to find I was in love with them too. They are happy and cheerful and colorful and everything I wanted. Thanks Chrissy!
2011 was a good year for us! Fun trips, new cousins, growing our businesses, and lots of family time. I am feeling more motivated and excited as the new year begins though! I feel like I finally have a grip, most of the time, on our life with 3 little kiddos. There are great things in store!
Adeline Amani, 4 1/2 years old
Addie grew up a lot this year! She added butterflies to her list of most cherished things (along with cats and the color purple), finished Joy School and started up real preschool (which she LOVES), and had a blast trying out gymnastics. She is still a wonderful little artist with an impressive imagination. Addie can be feisty, but she is also full of compassion for others and I love to see her caring spirit.
Gabriella Imani, 7 years old
Ella has become quite the fashionista. No longer does she think a red shirt, red pants and red socks make a great outfit. She loves to mix and match and mostly accessorize with scarfs, shoes, necklaces, leggings, and headbands. Luckily she has so far exhibited superb taste :-)! She has been trying out new activities (loved swimming & gymnastics, hated track) and started taking piano, which she has shown a real talent for. Ella is a hard worker, such a big help to all of us, and so independent now. I love to just hang out with her!
Preston Michael, 2 1/2 years old
Preston is hilarious! He does weird things, comes up with funny nicknames (most recently "blank"= blankie and "Ad"= Addie), gets into lots of mischief and tries to sneak treats whenever he can. If he can play outside, with trains or with cars he is 100% happy. If you tell him it is time for bed he freaks out, but luckily calms down when you tell him he can pick a book to read. My favorite part of the day with Preston is listening to him sing along to "I Am a Child of God" each night. He loves his sisters with all his little heart!

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