Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friends, Projects and Fun

I had promised Ella a playdate with friends long ago and we FINALLY were able to find a day where we had the time and they could come too. So, on Wednesday the 28th two of Ella's best buddies (Peyton and Shea) came over for an afternoon of fun. I didn't see them most of the time they were over, but I could hear them laughing! When they went outside to play for a bit I ran out to take some pictures. Our lunch activity was making pizzas and watching Spy Kids 4. I think Addie and Preston thought having Ella's friends over was just about as exciting as she did :-)!
As soon as Ella's friends left we squeezed in trying out Addie's new easy bake oven. We are waiting for an afternoon with some free time this week to try a new recipe, but the cookies were definitely cute and fun for the kids to eat.
On our way back from the butterfly fun the day before we had stopped and bought paint and supplies for our kitchen and family room makeover. So, as I ran off for a photo shoot, Mike got to work priming the kitchen cabinets. First I had to take down our Christmas card wall, which always makes me a bit sad...its one of my favorite parts of the holidays! What a Wednesday!!!
kitchen cards
kitchen before 4


Chrissy said...

Ella looks so old in these pics! She's getting so big. And the cabinets look kind of cool all sanded like that!

KelleyAnne said...

Can I come be one of your kids!