Friday, January 20, 2012

New Sunday Schedule

We are really loving having church at 9am now! We get home in time to eat something and still get Preston down for his nap at 1pm; it's perfect! The mornings, however, do get a bit rushed, especially since Mike still has a meeting before church. This past Sunday I still managed to get myself and the kids ready, take a quick picture of each of them and make it to the building during the opening hymn...maybe next week we'll even make it before the song :-).
Preston is still in nursery and loves his "class", although he misses his buddy Ian, who moved on to Primary. I think it will encourage him to make some new friends and our preschool group next year will help with that too.
Ella moved up to senior primary...what?!
And Addie girl has been doing great with her new class and teacher. She loves her bag from doubles as a scripture carrier and coloring entertainment during Sacrament meeting.


Katie Bradley said...

oh my GOSH Preston's jacket is the cutest thing in the world! Where did you get it?

KelleyAnne said...

They are getting so big. Love their little outfits. Especially Prestonian....quite the threads on the little guy.
Ella is in Senior Primary WHAT! She's ready you can see it in that confident smile and Addie with her Madeline bag cute, cute, cute.
I'll tell Hope♥

Marci said...

Katie, Carters used to do this big spring blow out sale at the Katy Mills Mall. They would rent out an empty store space, fill it with a bunch of old stuff and everything in the room was $3. It was amazing. I made it twice and the last time I was pregnant with Preston and picked up that jacket. I don't know why they don't do it anymore. But check out Gymboree's red balloon sales when they have them. I found a cute navy one for him to wear for Easter this year there last year for only $8. There are some awesome resale shops downtown too.