Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peeking In

It is rare to find all 3 kids quiet in the same room together. So when I was walking up the stairs and caught a glipmse of this I ran back downstairs to grab the camera. What are they all doing so nice and peacefully you may wonder? Playing the I-Pad. I never let them play with it, but Mike is nicer than me :-).
Speaking of Mike, we went on a nice, long extravagant date on our Monday off. My mom came and watched our kids for hours so we could go, and it was so relaxing! As an early birthday present Mike's parents gave us tickets to go and view the Tutankhamun exhibit that is in Houston right now. It was really amazing to see all the beautiful artifacts from thousands of years ago. Then we went and had a most delicious dinner at Perry's and stuffed ourselves with way too much good food.
(thank you photoshop for making this picture of both of us together possible :-)
Later that night we were able to have a quick visit with Ben and Sarah Severson who were in town visiting some of Ben's family. It was so fun to catch up with them after all these years! They are the ones who introduced Mike and I, so we owe them big time :-)!


Heather said...

marci -I love your family photos - what you have on is so cute! My colors! Also, the Sunday photos of the kids are darling! Don't you just freak out how fast they grow? It crazy!

Sarah S said...

It really was so fun seeing you guys! Thanks for letting us crash your date night - I'm glad you got to go out that day and do something so neat like that. Hopefully we'll see you again sooner than the last time!!