Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

After spending 2 days of painting on and off, we finished up just in time to celebrate the New Year on Saturday. We were even able to squeeze in some down time on Friday so Mike and my Grandma could watch the BYU game together and I could go to lunch with a friend. Saturday was work, clean, work and clean some more though. Mike and I were going out for a bit that night and we managed to get cleaned up and ready with just enough time to go to the "Mean Cat" store to get some fireworks for the kids too. They were definitely excited about going to pick some out, but not so sure about lighting them off :-)!
The girls mustered up the courage for sparklers but Preston opted out. He preferred just holding the tank firework and watching.
Our big finale started out exciting and quickly turned to terror. Our kids HATE how loud fireworks are. Oh well, we tried :-).
We had one of our favorite babysitters, Kassandra, come while Mike and I went out for a few hours. The girls had picked out some fun dinner treats for their little party and they were allowed to stay up. We got home around 10pm so Kassandra could still go have fun too and Addie was just barely hanging in there. She ended up going to bed not long after we got home, but Ella made it until midnight! The girls got a set of Shirley Temple DVDs from my grandparents for Christmas and we watched some of my old favorites while we waited for bed time to finally arrive. Happy New Year!
Here are some before and afters of the kitchen. We have since added some brushed silver hardware to the cabinets. And the family room is coming along, but I want to get some more finishing touches done before taking pictures.
kitchen before 2
kitchen before 3
kitchen after 2
kitchen after 1


heather said...

Looks great Marci!

Katie Bradley said...

Those cabinets look great! Very fresh and light. It's nice to change things up, isn't it?

Chrissy said...

The white cabinets look awesome!!! and i love them against the yellow with the black table... nice work! can't wait to see it in person!

Brittany said...

So chic and stylish!

Kirsten said...

Love it! The white looks fabulous!