Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

These two crazies sure get into lots of mischief together. There are many times where we just have to physically separate them because they are SO loud when they are in the same room. They definitely have moments when they are fighting and bugging each other, but really for the most part they get a long really well, too well :-). I think it is because their personalities are so similar, and because Addie thinks it is great fun to act like she is also 2, that they really egg each other on. When I hear laughing in another room I have to get up the courage to go see what they are doing that they shouldn't be. Well, most of the time. Sometimes they are having plain good old fashioned fun together. When they can be outside it is perfect because they can scream and laugh and yell as loud as they want without driving me crazy...when we are shopping at the grocery store and they are doing it in the cart I am pushing for the hour we are there, it's not so fun :-).
Here they are in their element on Saturday...Prest and Ad.
Ella loves to play with them too of course, but she has to take care of her big girl responsibilities, like practicing the piano, as well. She really is quite the little player! She's not loving it as much as she was initially, but she is still breezing through her 2nd set of books. I'm trying hard to not push the practicing too much because I don't want her to hate it, but I do love seeing the progress she makes so it's hard not to. Being a mom is a lot of difficult balancing that I never feel I'm doing quite right. Just tonight I was telling Mike how I feel like I am doing much better about being patient with them, but that by dinner time I have reached my breaking point. It's a good thing he is home by that time to help me! Preston has been the most difficult recently, but he sure is cute a lot of the time too thankfully!
I mean, seriously! :-)

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