Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Week Gone

The weeks just keep flying on by! Here are the highlights from last week...
We have been trying all kinds of things to motivate Addie to make better choices and this one is finally working. I really believe Tom leaving our house at the end of Christmas break has been an instigator to some of our recent issues. After a recent trip with her friend Ellie to visit fish tanks, all Addie could talk about was fish. She started making fish homes in her jars instead of rolly polly ones and even put a toy fish in one and told me, "I am praying that God will make him real." Then after playing at her friend Brooklynn's and spending much of her time watching their pet Beta fish, we thought it might be a good solution. So, before she headed back to school last week, I made this chart and she picked out stickers at the store to put on it. Each day at school the kids in her class start out with 3 stickers and she has to have at least one left at school in order to come home and put a sticker on her fish chart. She was able to do it each of her 3 days last week...and after the rough couple weeks we've had, that was a miracle. I am so proud of her for trying so hard and succeeding. When we finish this chart we plan to make another to earn things to put in the fish tank like seaweed plants, a castle, etc.
Addie is so sweet though and after school this first day of earning a sticker for her chart, she spent a long time making Ella and Preston each their own reward charts. She asked them what they wanted to earn (Preston wanted a Diesel 10 train and Ella wanted a stuffed dolphin) and drew beautiful pictures on them. She has given them each a couple stickers along the way and I purchased their prizes so Addie can reward them at the end. It was just too heartfelt to have it all be for nothing in the end. I still need to get pictures of how cute they are though.
Ella is never in pictures anymore so we took a quick one :-).
Addie's first time working on her birthday puzzle from Scott and Kayley and she had the whole 100 piece thing put together in no time.
Beauty enjoyed the week's nice weather as much as we did.
Thursday afternoon Ella and I were enjoying our first lazy afternoon of the week watching Dance Moms, Preston was working on a puzzle in the room with us and Addie was outside looking for bugs, like usual. She came in and told me she really needed Ellie to come and help her, so we invited her over at the last second and she could come! A bit later I was working on dinner and we noticed that Addie and Ellie had flagged down the ice cream truck. So, Mike said we should just get them ice cream :-). Always an exciting, but expensive treat.

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Chrissy said...

Sweet Adeline... she'll be okay. You guys are too good of parents for it not to work out.