Monday, February 13, 2012

Craftiness and a Tea Party

First, check out my new photography blog design! I owe a HUUUGE thanks to Chrissy for setting it all up for me...if I had tried it would have taken me days (I'm not so computer saavy at that kind of stuff) and I would not have even attempted it for months. I love it!

Every day since her birthday Addie has been asking me to do some of her new crafts. Tuesday when she got home from school we had a couple hours before we needed to go anywhere and Preston was asleep so I let her pick out something to do. She chose the bird house from Meema and Papa. Then, since we already were painting, when she asked if she could also paint the picture frame from Nana and Grandad I let her. Addie has since hung the bird house outside from a tree all by herself and we put a picture of Tom in the frame and it looks adorable...I need to get pictures of both still.
Addie made this cat mask at school and was eager to try it out when she got home. We added some ribbons to it and she quickly became a cat. I think we were all a little relieved when Addie returned instead :-).
It was a really humbling week for me as a parent (which also means, I was left crying quite a bit). We are still trying to figure out all the quirks in Adeline's personality and how best to help her learn to manage them as well. One thing I am certain of after this week however, is that Miss Carri is truly the perfect person for Addie to have in her life as a teacher right now. We had a wonderful conversation that left me feeling so much more hopeful about everything. I also am feeling so thankful for friends and family who love me and Addie for who we are...and bring me gluten-free treats to help me feel better :-).
Friday Addie and I had a lot of fun with friends and were able to spend some good quality time together when Preston went down for his nap. Later that afternoon she really, really wanted to have a tea party but was patient enough to wait for Preston to wake up and Ella to get home from school. She had it all prepared for them to enjoy and requested cookies to go with it. Luckily, I had one bag of little cookies leftover from our last road trip and the kids had so much fun dipping them in water :-). I love all Addie's fun ideas!

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Diane said...

what an interesting place for a tea party:) I am excited to see what Addie did with the little birdhouse.