Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lazy Friday

I have found myself in this endless cycle (pretty much since Preston was born) where I am on top of things for a bit and then I'm a disaster with it all for a bit. I consider being on top of things working out, having the house mostly picked up (not CLEAN, but picked up), making dinner (and therefore eating healthier), reading to the kids at night, and spending at least 5 minutes of time completely devoted to each child. When I am a disaster I am not working out, eating junk all day long (I just really love food too much) and then picking up food somewhere for dinner because I'm feeling lazy, short on patience and then I'm grumpy because I am disappointed in myself for being such a mess.
Friday was a nice lazy day. We did get Ella off to school, but then the rest of us stayed in our jammies for pretty much the whole day. I tried to catch up on things that had been stressing me out and get a little head start on weekend tasks like making the grocery list (since I knew the Superbowl would be throwing me off again) so we could start Monday fresh and ready for a new beginning.
Addie cut out her own coupons and we watched PBS kids all morning long.
We snacked on hummus so we weren't very hungry for lunch...but I actually made something real for dinner for the first time all week.
I admired the pictures we have recently framed and imagined them hung on floating shelves on the wall. Above a cute chair and table...and lamp, of course. In my mind it looks awesome!
And after one broken rolly-polly house and days of searching, Addie and I finally discovered where they all live! There were TONS of them right by our garage, who knew?! She spent the rest of the weekend caring for them and adding to their home (and telling me what a good job she does at it).
I happened to be holding the camera when the accident, and ensuing tears, happened.
So, after a day of catching up and a fun-filled weekend, I have made myself a 21 day goal. I saw a little blurb somewhere recently about a 21-day challenge, because it takes that long to form a habit apparently. My challenge is to workout (it doesn't have to be major, just something), eat healthy (meaning NO gluten and no endless snacking), do something nice for someone (anything from a nice email or compliment to bringing a meal), and read (even if it's 5 minutes, I feel better when I do) for the next 21 days. I find that when I am doing those things I am happier with myself, which makes me 100% a better mom (and much more fun to live with too). I'm even going to reward myself if I do it...maybe I'll even make a sticker chart :-)!


michele cabiness said...

I love this post. I feel the same way about myself as a mother. Maybe I should make myself a sticker chart too!

dr_b_rock said...

I am glad to know I am not the only one who struggles to cook v. eating out. It's such a horrible habit that I've fully embraced since getting married. . .good luck!