Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Latest Blurb

I just recently finished my Blurb book for the first half of 2010 and I am in love with it (as usual). We got our camera during that time frame so it was so fun to have nicer pictures to fill it up this time around. It was a little sad though to see how much younger the kids were, especially Preston who was just turning 1. I wish I could say I was so motivated after receiving it that I immediately finished up the rest of 2010, but I haven't yet...time to get started!
book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6
book 7
book 8
book 9
book 10

1 comment:

Linsey said...

Oh, I so want to do a Blurb book. Yours turned out really cute!