Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starring Preston

A few weeks ago my grandma gave me a cassette tape and letter that I had sent my great-grandma (Granny) the summer before I started 6th grade...which was 20 years ago (Aug 1992)!!! On it I told her about our summer traveling and played her some songs on the piano, since she was the amazing pianist of the family, and then Mack and Kayley recorded a little bit of themselves talking and playing piano as well. It is HILARIOUS to listen to! But it is also really fun and special. We have all enjoyed it and it has made me really want to be better about getting video of my kids talking and showing off their tricks and talents. 20 years from now I know they'll love it...even if it makes me sad to listen to like it did my mom :-). I haven't done great, but I'm working on it and at least Preston got to star in a few this past week.


Chrissy said...

more videos!!!

KelleyAnne said...

Preston singing is so cute~ I love the little tea party. Cute kiddles!