Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

The weather cooled back down so I had the kids wear their holiday outfits again and I was on a mission. I had failed time and time again to get a picture of them wearing their cute stuff, so this Sunday it was my top priority! We managed to get a few shots and still get to church on time...I was proud of myself :-)! Addie gave a talk in primary on Sunday too and she did a great job on the speaking part of it (the waiting her turn in front of the whole primary didn't go as smoothly).
After church we had time to kill until it was time to party. We prepped food, relaxed, and watched a movie. Kayley and Scott came early for a quick photo shoot and then everyone else began arriving. No one was super excited about this year's match up (least of all, Mike) but we were excited about all the yummy food to eat :-)! AND we were celebrating Kayley's birthday as well. It's always fun to just be hanging out together...even if the half-time show is terribly boring.
I didn't know Mike had such great acting skills!
Preston requested his own cheering picture.
The banner my mom made to go on her delicious cake was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen...until I see what she's doing for the baby shower this weekend I'm sure.

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Chrissy said...

Mike's acting skills=superb. Del's=not s'much :-) And Kayley is the cutest thing ever. So excited for her! Wish I could come to the shower too :-(