Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Fun Continued

Monday was rainy and dreary, like it has been forEVER least that is what it seems like to the kids and I who cherish our sunny, play outside days. Luckily for Addie, she was invited to play with Ellie, her long lost BFF :-). She even got to visit Ellie's dad in his classroom and say hello to all his fish. Addie spent the rest of the day making star fish homes (instead of rollie pollie homes) and asking me if she could go to the beach with Ellie to look for star fish. Preston and I got all our errands done while she gone AND had the chance to play for a bit with his future joy school group. We are actually going to come up with our own curriculum this year instead of following the joy school one and I am thrilled about the group...we have some amazing moms and cute kids to get to know better.
Thanks for these pics, Katie!
We spent some time that afternoon making Valentine's for our friends, and took a break to open fun cards in the mail from Grammy and Greatfrog...with money in them! Then we hurried off to Ella's swim practice. I thought Addie would be my Valentine making machine, but this year she wasn't really into it as much and Ella was the one who enjoyed getting creative.
Finally, Tuesday morning arrived...REAL Valentine's day!!! After getting to bed late the night before, we were all a little tired. We were downstairs eating breakfast and packing lunches when we heard a knock at the door. I was a little freaked out. Who was knocking on our door at 7am?! Then I heard the kids yell, "Nana!" She came by to drop off their Valentine presents and Ella's headband matched her Valentine outfit for the day perfectly so she was especially excited. Addie was way more interested in the bug net and took it to school to use at recess and Preston has one focus during any holiday...CANDY. It was a fun start to an exciting day!

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