Monday, March 26, 2012

Florida: Hollywood Studios, then Home Again

We spent our last day in Florida (wed, 14th) at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We weren't sure if we wanted to go back to the Magic Kingdom again, but in the end decided to try something new although I think we would have been happy either way. I was majorly impressed with us for getting the car loaded back up and still getting to the park in time to get a good spot in line for the gates opening! 
As soon as we got in Mike and Ella headed to the Aerosmith roller coaster (I love this one!) and I took Addie and Preston to get fast passes for the Toy Story ride. Ella had a blast! I'm so glad our kids like roller coasters and I can't until when in a few more years we can all go together! 
We met back up and decided we had time to go to The Little Mermaid show before using our Toy Story passes. It ended up being my favorite show of the day! The Toy Story ride was super fun too, we got more fast passes for it as soon as we got off :-). We saw the Disney Jr. show, then Beauty and the Beast and then stopped for lunch on our way to the car stunt show. 
I think the highlight of Preston's whole Disney experience was when Lightning McQueen made an appearance during the show :-). He and I nearly missed it though. Our whole family had made it inside and been seated when we realized Preston had a HUGE poopy diaper. Of course I had just taken the diaper and wipe case out of the camera bag and set it in the stroller to lighten my load a bit. At this show it was a JOURNEY back to the entrance where the stroller was parked so I was running while carrying Preston (and that kid is getting big!) all the way to the stroller. I changed him on the ground next to the stroller and then we ran back. He had to run part of the way too because my arms were falling off. Luckily he is almost as fast as me :-). They had already closed off the center entrance by where we had gone in initially so we then had to wait in this HUGE line of people filling in the side of the stadium. Thankfully a worker eventually let me back to the middle and we rejoined the rest of the gang, all sweaty, just in time for the start of the show. Phew!
After that we made stop at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground where the kids had SO much fun. I think they were ready for some freedom and running and climbing was just what they needed! We caught the afternoon parade and then went to the American Idol show. 
Ella and I were especially excited about this one! We ended up front and center in the audience and the host came and asked me if he could borrow my seat. He asked where we were from, etc. (and being from Texas is always nice, all the Texans in the crowd get excited :-) and then sat down between Ella and Preston to explain how the voting works. Part way through his explanation I grabbed the camera from under his legs to get a couple pictures. Ella was thrilled that she made it on the big screen! The show was super fun...they have 3 real judges (similar in personality to Simon, Paula and Randy) and the winner of each day gets an actual magic ticket to audition at a real American Idol audition without waiting in the crazy ling. We were seriously impressed by the singers...especially the lady who won our show. She was a frumpy mom and teacher and had an AMAZING voice! I really wanted to stay until the 7pm finale show to see how she fared against the other victors of the day, but we needed to hit the road. 
We went on Toy Story one last time and then went out to the car to get situated for the drive home. It was another fun Disney adventure! We were definitely all exhausted from so many days filled of FUN, FUN, FUN. The kids slept solidly through the night on the drive home and didn't even wake up until the car...amazing! We pulled up to the house around 11am Thursday, ready for March Madness to begin, perfecto :-)!
Ella ran into her friend from school, Sophia, at the playground. Considering we could hardly keep track of our own kids there it was seriously a miracle!
Our moment of stardom!!!

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