Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Blubby

At the end of February we started a new little reward system with Addie to encourage good behavior at school. She earned the final sticker for her chart on the last day of school before spring break. Although she was sooo excited to get her fish, I convinced her to wait until after the trip to go pick one out. We did head to the store and buy the bowl, rocks and food though right away.
So, we returned home from our trip on Thursday morning and that afternoon we headed to the pet store to pick out Addie's beta fish. Everyone wanted to come along for the big moment!
There were many, many beautiful beta fish to choose from. Purple ones, red ones, multi-colored ones...all with long, flowing fins. All of these pretty fish were $3 to $4 a piece. Then way up on the very top shelf there were 2 silvery ones (dragon betas we later found out) and they were $10 each. Addie noticed them and at first sight knew which fish she wanted. There was one with long, healthy fins and one with little stubby fins. 
She chose the $10 silver fish with no fins. :-)
No matter how many beautiful PURPLE fish Ella and I pointed out, she stuck with her little silver guy.
I asked a worker to be sure he was ok and she assured me that he was healthy and was probably placed with another male beta on accident and attacked. So, home we came with Blubby (not Bubbly, a mistake I made many times those first few days).
I am very happy to report that 1 1/2 weeks and 1 water change later, he is still alive! (I had a few panic attacks those first days where I thought he had died)  
Addie loves him and knows he loves her too. 
And his fins are getting longer!!!
One group of pictures that I thought I had lost with my laptop was on that last Thursday before Spring Break when Addie knew she would be earning her last sticker on her chart. After I made her chart she LOVED it and immediately went into the play room and made charts for Ella and Preston as well. Did I already tell this story? I don't remember, but she asked them each what they wanted to earn and every time she earned a sticker, they earned stickers too :). I bought the prizes so she could reward them when their charts were full and Thursday morning she couldn't wait to give them their gifts. It was super cute and Ella and Preston were thrilled. I'm glad that I will hopefully have those cute pictures back! I took another picture of their charts and the cute pictures Addie drew of their rewards again though just in case. (Ella wanted a stuffed dolphin and Preston wanted the Diesel 10 train)


Shari said...

I have to tell you this really made me laugh. I named my first fish Blubby too! I've never heard anyone else use that name before. Congrats on the new addition to the family. :)

Marci said...

Shari, that is crazy! You two are kindred spirits :-)!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad to see this work. I just started a goal chart but I did it for the entire family b/c I was worried about Halle feeling singled out or the other kids saying it wasn't fair. It has motivated me with my goals - ha ha! But Halle isn't in to it at all! So maybe it needs to be her own thing with a very special reward. I don't think we could keep a fish alive though;)