Thursday, April 12, 2012

Addie's Egg Hunt

back to our busy day...
Thursday was also the day to pre-register Addie for kindergarten, and the day I HAD to register her if I want her to be eligible for the Two-Way Immersion program. They had registration times set from 9-11am and 1-3pm. I arrived at the school a little before 9am for Ella's Field Day and was going to register Addie then, but there were 2 people in line and I didn't want to be late for Ella so I decided to just do it when I was done. It was 10:15am when I was finished hanging out with Ella and I walked back to the front of the school where there was now a HUGE line of people waiting to register. "Great!" I thought as I went to get in it. I stood behind the last chair of the line and a lady from the school came and told me they were no longer letting people in line because they needed to be finished by 11am and it would take an hour from where I was. She was nice and told me to come back at 1pm. I was frustrated though. I explained I had just been at Field Day and couldn't come back at 1pm because my other daughter had an egg hunt at school, but the woman showed me no sympathy. Luckily, a super nice lady was sitting on that last chair and most kindly told me that she could come back at 1pm if I wanted her spot. I was SO grateful!!! It did indeed take an hour and while I was thankful I didn't have Preston with me, I also wished I had a book to read. I hate wasting time like that. The good news is that Addie is registered! She goes in for her TWI testing next week so we'll see if she gets in. I'm still not sure it will be a great fit for her personality, but I want her to be able to at least give it a try.
So, with that stress over, I had about 30 minutes to go home and eat and relax before heading to Addie's preschool for their Easter Egg Hunt. It was cute and easy and Addie was in no hurry as she carefully picked which eggs she wanted :-). Ella wore this same cute outfit made by Nana for her preschool Easter egg hunt 3 years ago! Back in the classroom the kids did show and tell and then ate more treats before heading home.
(I thought this was a brilliant idea! Each kid brought an egg carton for the hunt and once their carton was full they were done. Such a clever way to make sure they all got the same amount of eggs!)


the Holyoaks said...

Addie looks adorable at her egg hunt! I love the outfit and that it used to be her big sister's. Congrats on the new RV. It reminds me of Matt's parents' RV, which they call a "motorhome." It even has the same color green interior! It sure does make things like camping a lot more manageable.

Heather said...

Addie is so cute and it is so fun to catch up on your blog - my hubbie would die if he saw your RV - I can't believe that you guys did that! What fun memories for your kids!
And.....your Easter pictures of the three kids together is the BEST!!!! I am in love with Preston's hair! What a little Gigalo!