Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Boy Cousin!

Last Monday, April 2nd, Kayley and Scott welcomed their little Oliver into the family. We were all super excited to meet him so I took Ella out of school and we rushed over to the hospital. I needed to get Ella back before the day was over so we didn't get to stay long enough for Oliver to finish up his nursery observation during those first couple hours, BUT we could still tell he was super cute through the nursery window! We finally had the time to go and hold him and love him this Monday (last week was CRAZY!). I'm so excited for Preston especially to have another little boy cousin to be buddies with and so happy for Kayley and Scott. There is something special about your own sister having a baby and I can't wait to do lots of fun things together with our kiddos.
We hung out with Kayley and Scott a bit and signed the hospital's door sign for Oliver before heading back home.
The night before was Preston's first night in his big boy bed and he is doing great. I had been waiting until he gave up naps on his own before making the transition and sadly that day arrived :-(. He would actually still take naps most days but then he wasn't falling asleep forever at night and I like them in bed by 7:30pm and sleeping so I can relax :-). I was a little worried he would get out of the bed and play all night long because he is pretty crazy right now, but 1 week later, he is still doing great. He's just growing up!


Kayley said...

Made me get teary-eyed! That's a super cute picture of me too ;). And yay for Preston! That's exciting!

Marci said...

I was hoping you wouldn't mind that picture too much :-)!